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What is the CKC BASE-7 Challenge?

The CKC National BASE-7 Challenge (BASE-7) is comprised of seven (7) physical fitness tasks that give an overall picture of, and encourage improvement in the athlete’s level of general, non-specific fitness, and physical literacy. The target Long Term Athlete Development stage for the BASE-7 is the Learn to Train and early Train to Train Stages; or 11 – 15 year olds (U11, U13, U15 age groups). The 7 tests focus on what CKC believes are key athletic abilities and physical literacy that should be developed at these early stages of athlete development. Each task is graded against either a set of national standards and norms; or a four level rubric. The BASE-7 recognizes both a) improvement across the 7 tests, and b) maintaining an already high level of achievement. The BASE-7 is designed to require minimal equipment and set-up, as well as time so that it can be implemented in all Canoe Clubs across Canada in 1 day.

The BASE-7 Challenge will be scheduled nationally twice a year. The first test will be completed at the beginning of the season, and the second and at the end. Using the baseline early season test results, the coach and athlete should establish realistic goals and a manageable process to reach them. Following each round of testing, the coach and athletes should reflect on the information collected and determine strategies that would either work or did not work to improve the identified non-specific fitness areas.

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