Canoe Kayak Canada publishes NextGen and Junior Academy Athlete Lists

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OTTAWA – Canoe Kayak Canada has published its lists of NextGen and Academy athletes. These lists are an evolved form of the previous National Development Team. Working collaboratively with clubs and provincial partners, both programs are aimed at ensuring the next generations of high performance athletes have the resources and support along the developmental pathway required to transition to future international excellence.

“The NextGen and Academy Programs are an essential part of sustaining our High Performance system,” said Scott Logan, Canoe Kayak Canada’s High Performance Director. “We are extending and refining the athlete pathway to ensure athletes have the resources and training environment they need to be successful at every stage leading right to the Olympic podium.”

The NextGen program was launched in Quebec in the fall of 2014, and similar programs were created in Nova Scotia and Ontario shortly thereafter. Targeted athletes are provided with National Team led coaching, sport science and sport medicine support in one of three National Training Centres: the Institut National du Sport du Québec, the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic and the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario. There are national discipline training groups at every centre for each group of men’s kayak, women’s kayak, men’s canoe and women’s canoe. These training groups have been established over the fall and will continue to evolve as National coaches assess new developing athletes with high performance potential. Additional athletes, through elements of CKC’s Gold Medal Profile, are included in provincial NextGen training groups where resources are available.

The Junior Academy Program is designed to feed into the 2020 NextGen Program, and will be a key component of the 2024 NextGen plan and program. The Junior Academy group is a nationally identified pool of Junior 2016 and 2017 eligible athletes for all paddling regions of Canada.

“Through partnerships and collaboration with provincial associations and local clubs, we’ve been able to successfully spearhead several Academy initiatives already,” said Peter Niedre, Director of Coach and Athlete Development at Canoe Kayak Canada. “The clubs and Provinces are at the core in implementing this program, and by working with them on this initiative, together we can help our developing athletes achieve their highest potential.”

The Junior Academy program provides nationally-led regional programming and also enhances provincial programming with training, monitoring and testing. The program also invites athletes to one or two national training camps per year. Mark Granger is the coaching lead of the Junior Academy program.

NextGen Athletes

* indicates provincial NextGen program only

Men’s Kayak

Club Training Group
Adam Tenwolde Banook Nova Scotia
Alex Scott Maskwa Nova Scotia
Anatolyy Mykhayletsk Balmy Beach Ontario
Brian Malfesi Ridge Nova Scotia
Charles Antoine-Girouard Trois-Rivières Quebec
Conrad Hopp Balmy Beach Ontario
Eric Ellery Balmy Beach Ontario
Étienne Beauchesne Trois-Rivières Quebec
Jarret Kenke Saskatoon Nova Scotia
Liam O’Brien Banook Nova Scotia
Marc-Alexandre Gagnon Trois-Rivières Quebec
Marshall Hughes Cheema Nova Scotia
Nick Robson Balmy Beach Ontario
Pierre-Luc Poulin Lac Beauport Quebec
*Andrew Jessop Maskwa Nova Scotia
*Hunter Morrissey Cheema Nova Scotia
*Phil Duchesneau Pointe-Claire Quebec
*Scott Barclay Carleton Place Ontario
*Colin Black Carleton Place Ontario
*Rob Clarke Burlaok Ontario

Women’s Kayak

Club Training Group
Ailish McNulty Mic Mac Nova Scotia
Alanna Bray-Lougheed Burloak Ontario & Nova Scotia
Alexa Irvin Maskwa Nova Scotia
Andreanne Langlois Trois-Rivières Quebec
Courtney Stott Balmy Beach Ontario
Maddison MacKenzie Cascades Quebec
Madeline Schmidt Rideau Ontario & Nova Scotia
Michelle Russell Cheema Nova Scotia
Sam Hall Cheema Nova Scotia
*Hannah Vaughan Banook Nova Scotia
*Olivia Denman Banook Nova Scotia
*Lissa Bissonnette Pointe-Claire Quebec

Men’s Canoe

Club Training Group
Craig Spence Cheema Nova Scotia
Drew Hodges Rideau Ontario
Evan Bezemer Mississauga Ontario
Jason McCoombs Banook Nova Scotia
Jeremy Stott Mississauga Ontario
Marc Tarling Pointe-Claire Nova Scotia
Maxim Poulin Lac Beauport Quebec
Stephen Frodsham Rideau Nova Scotia
Thomas Hall Cheema Nova Scotia

Women’s Canoe

Club Training Group
Hannah MacIntosh Senobe Nova Scotia
Jillian Perrone Burloak Ontario
Juliette Brault Pointe-Claire Quebec
Katie Vincent Mississauga Ontario & Nova Scotia
Laurence Vincent-Lapointe Trois-Rivières Quebec


Club Coach
Erica Scarff Balmy Beach Mari Ellery
Zacharie Lauziere-Fitzgerald Sherbrooke Nathan Desmarais
Tommy Grenier Shawinigan Hélène Gervais
Trinity Tratch Calgary Edgar Garza



Junior Academy Athletes

National Athlete Development Officer: Mark Granger

Men’s Kayak

Club Coach
Scott Braddon Rideau Wade Farquharson
Olivier Courchesne Trois-Rivières Mathieu Pelletier
Mathew Koehler Ridge Piotr Majewski
Christian Sprang Burloak Adam Oldershaw
Aiden Messenger Burloak Adam Oldershaw
Gabor Sarkozi Pointe-Claire Eric Mihalovic
Justin Won Ridge Piotr Majewski
Nicolas, Thirion Pointe-Claire Eric Mihalovic
Palmer Lumb Balmy Beach Peter Martinek
David Stewart Richmond Hill Helen Savin

Women’s Kayak

Club Coach
Anna Negulic Maskwa Jon Pike
Jewelia Orlick Cascades Frédéric Loyer
Emma Mitchell Toba Jerome Seremak
Ashley Card Maskwa Jon Pike
Jane Girgulis Calgary Edgar Garza
Grace Whebby Mic Mac Chris Chaisson
Ruah Edmonds Maskwa Jon Pike

Men’s Canoe

Club Coach
Isaac Finklestein Rideau Wade Farquharson
Lucas Turnbull Balmy Beach Peter Martinek
Connor Fitzpatrick Senobe Rob Baert
James MacPhee Sackawa Chris MacPherson
Daniel MacDonald Mic Mac Chris Chaisson
Foster Salpeter Pointe-Claire Eric Mihalovic

Women’s Canoe

Club Coach
Anna Roy-Cyr Lac Beauport Luc Grenier
Tess Peterman Cascades Frédéric Loyer
Anne Sophie Lavoie-Parent Trois-Rivières Mathieu Pelletier
Beatrice Giguere Trois-Rivières Mathieu Pelletier
Maddie Mitchell Toba Jerome Seremak
Kate Hennessey Mic Mac Chris Chaisson
Jessica MacDonald Mic Mac Chris Chaisson


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