Nominations Now Open for CKC Coach Excellence Awards

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Coach Excellence Awards Nominations
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Canoe Kayak Canada presents the Coach Excellence Awards annually in recognition of excellence demonstrated by members of our coaching community.

The CKC Development Award, the Coach Developer Award and Coach Recognition Awards are presented on an annual basis to coaches who have made significant achievements. Coaches must be NCCP certified and part of the Coaching Association of Canada to be eligible for these awards.

Nominations are now open until Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. EST

This is your opportunity to suggest a coach who is deserving of the Coach Developer Award or CKC Development Award. In order for a coach to be eligible for any of the above awards, they must be an NCCP certified coach and part of the Coaching Association of Canada.

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Coach Developer Award

The Coach Developer Award is presented to a coach who contributes to the development or advancement of Canoe Kayak outside of, or in addition to their regular club coaching duties (club development and outreach, coach education, promotion and implementation of Long Term Athlete Development, involvement in national or provincial committees, aboriginal paddling initiative, PaddleALL, etc).

  • demonstrate a positive image of coaching, role of the coach and ambassador of the NCCP Code of Ethics and CKC Coaching Code of Conduct;
  • Member of a national or provincial committee
  • Has been involved in planning committees at National or Provincial level
  • Is involved in coach education through facilitating coach training workshops
  • Involved in outreach programs with other clubs
  • Demonstrate commitment to coaching education;
  • Achievement of athlete/team performance

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CKC Development Award

The CKC Development Award is presented annually to the coach who has clearly demonstrated his or her abilities at developing a club or the sport through the grassroots level, building of a club or program such as an aboriginal paddling or PaddleALL program, or the promotion of the sport through the club. This could be evidenced or demonstrated through the following:

  • Development of a new program within their club (PaddleAll, Aboriginal program, high school program, etc)
  • Significant Increase in club membership through the introduction of a new program, recruitment / talent ID or promotion of the sport
  • Improvement in performance at provincial or National level (eg – higher ranking of finish, medals, athletes on a National or Provincial team, etc)
  • Demonstrate concern for the all–round development of the athlete –  (sport, social, and educational needs, and develop, through sport, life skills such as confidence, self–discipline, and respect);
  • Successful increase in membership in a specific program in the club

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For more information, visit the CKC Award Page