Olympic Silver for canoeist Laurence Vincent Lapointe

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TOKYO JAPAN (Thursday August 5, 2021) – Laurence Vincent Lapointe paddles to a silver medal (46.786) in the historic C1 200m Olympic event behind gold medalist Nevin Harrison of USA (45.932).  Ukraine’s Luidmyla Luzan came across the line in bronze medal position (47.034). Canada’s Katie Vincent (Mississauga Canoe Club) finished eighth in the tight race in a time of 47.834.

Silver for Vincent Lapointe (Trois-Rivières Canoe-Kayak Club) marks the first medal for Canada in the women’s sprint program since Caroline Brunet won bronze in 2004.

“I’m super proud of what I did today. It is so relieving and exciting. After all that I have been through, I did it!” said Vincent Lapointe.  “The Olympic Games is the peak event. I didn’t get gold but I did the best performance I could and I pushed until the end!”

Teammate Katie Vincent raced in lane 7 in the finals today. “I am proud of Laurence and hope we can keep this momentum into the C2 event. The biggest challenge will be the wind and I think that’s what got me a bit today but there are no excuses and no regrets. I am going to stay focused and not let anything stop us from doing our best.”

Nick Matveev (Balmy Beach Canoe Club) rounded out his K1 200m event finishing 6th in the B Final.

Michelle Russell (Cheema Aquatic Club) finished 7th in the highly competitive K1 500m semifinals, and did not progress to the finals.

Brian Malfesi (Ridge Canoe and Kayak Club) and Vincent Jourdenais (Club de canoe-kayak de vitesse de Trois-Rivieres) battled hard once again in the B Final finishing 6th in the MK 1000m event.

Tomorrow, we will tune into heats and quarterfinals for WC2 500m, MC1 1000m, WK4 500m, and MK4 500m.

Tune in live at CBC Olympics Live – schedule below.

More information on the canoe and kayak sprint events can be found on the Tokyo 2020 website here.

Race previews:

Thursday August 5/Friday August 6 JST


8:30 PM EDT Women’s C2 500m Heats Laurence Vincent-Lapointe

Katie Vincent

8:44 PM EDT Men’s C1 1000m Heats Connor Fitzpatrick

Roland Varga

9:30 PM EDT Women’s K4 500m Heats Andreanne Langlois

Michelle Russell

Alanna Bray-Lougheed

Madeline Schmidt

9:44 PM EDT Men’s K4 500m Heats Nick Matveev

Mark de Jonge

Pierre Luc Poulin

Simon McTavish



10:07 PM EDT Women’s C2 500m Quarterfinals TBD
10:21 PM EDT Men’s C1 1000m Quarterfinals TBD



Friday August 6 EDT /Saturday August 7 JST


8:30 PM EDT Women’s C2 500m Semifinals TBD
8:44 PM EDT Men’s C1 1000m Semifinals TBD
9:07 PM EDT Women’s K4 500m Semifinals TBD
9:14 PM EDT Men’s K4 500m Semifinals TBD


10:15 PM EDT Women’s C2 500m Finals TBD
10:31 PM EDT Men’s C1 1000m Finals TBD
11:00 PM EDT Women’s K4 500m Finals TBD
11:19 PM EDT Men’s K4 500m Finals TBD


Athlete List


Discipline Athlete
Men’s Kayak Simon McTavish

Mark de Jonge

Nick Matveev

Brian Malfesi

Vincent Jourdenais

Pierre Luc Poulin

Women’s Kayak Michelle Russell

Andreanne Langlois

Alanna Bray-Lougheed

Madeline Schmidt

Men’s Canoe Roland Varga

Connor Fitzpatrick

Women’s Canoe Laurence Vincent-Lapointe

Katie Vincent


Alternates: Lissa Bissonette, Courtney Stott