Sprint Carding Submission Round 3

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November 25, 2015


Further to the communication sent on November 10 (Carding Round 2), CanoeKayak Canada has assessed all eligible athletes’ results against the 2015 AAP Selection Criteria with the addition of four third-round D-cards as noted below.

  • Jarret Kenke (Men’s Kayak 1000m)
  • Stephen Frodsham (Men’s Canoe 1000m)
  • Sarah Vegas-Dubois (Women’s Kayak)
  • Ailish McNulty (Women’s Kayak)

All nominated athletes have demonstrated the potential to achieve significant international performances in the future.

Nominated Athletes – Men’s Kayak

Men’s Kayak 1000m

Adam van Koeverden SR2 6.1
Brady Reardon SR2 6.1
Andrew Jessop SR2 6.1
Rob Clarke SR 6.2.1
Brian Malfesi SR 6.2.1
Adam Tenwolde C1 6.2.4
Marshall Hughes D 6.3.3
Jarret Kenke D 3rd Round


Men’s Kayak 200m

Mark de Jonge SR1 6.1
Ryan Cochrane SR 6.2.1
Hugues Fournel SR 6.2.1
Étienne Morneau SR 6.2.3
Marc-Alexandre Gagnon SR 6.2.3
Alexander Scott SR 6.2.5
Charles-Antoine Girouard C1 6.2.5
Colin Black C1 6.2.5
Liam O’Brien C1 6.2.5
Scott Barclay D 6.3.3


Nominated Athletes– Men’s Canoe


Men’s Canoe 1000m

Mark Oldershaw SR2 6.1
Ben Russell SR2 6.1
Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny SR2 6.1
Paul Bryant SR 6.2.3
Craig Spence SR 6.2.3
Marc Tarling SR 6.2.5
Drew Hodges SR 6.2.5
Jeremy Stott D 6.3.3
Stephen Frodsham D 3rd Round


Men’s Canoe 200m

Ben Tardioli SR 6.2.3
Aaron Rublee SR 6.2.4
Pierre-Luc Laliberté SR 6.2.5
Maxim Poulin C1 6.2.5
Tom Hall C1 6.2.5
Corey Rublee SR 6.2.5
Jason McCoombs D 6.3.3


Nominated Athletes – Women’s Kayak

Women’s Kayak 500m

Una Lounder SR 6.2.4
Courtney Stott C1 6.2.4
Maddison Mackenzie C1 6.2.4
Alanna Bray-Lougheed C1 6.2.4
Alexa Irvin D 6.3.2
Samantha Hall D 6.3.3


Women’s Kayak 200m

Michelle Russell SR 6.2.1
Andréanne Langlois SR 6.2.4


Women’s Kayak

Sarah Vegas-Dubois D 3rd Round
Ailish McNulty D 3rd Round


Nominated Athletes – Paracanoe

Christine Gauthier SR Priority 4
Erica Scarff SR Priority 4


Pursuant ‎to CanoeKayak Canada’s appeal policy all appeals must be received within 10 days of receipt of notice of CKC’s decision to nominate an athlete for Carding. Only D-card eligible athletes affected by the third round of nominations are able to appeal this round of carding and appeals must be received by Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. EST. All nomination appeals must be received by CanoeKayak Canada in accordance with the aforementioned appeal policy.