Sophia Jensen

Birthdate: September 18, 2001

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Canoe Club: Cascade

Sport: Women’s canoe

Coach: Jan Kruk / Adam Mayo / Fred Loyer

Instagram: @sophia_jensen_123


16 year old Sophia Jensen joined the Canoe Sprint National Team in October 2017. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Sophia has been a member of the Cascade Club (Québec) for only 4 years.

Sophia tried canoeing when she first moved to Chelsea, Quebec. She had never heard of sprint canoe and decided to sign up for an 8 week program. She was also signed up for soccer, skiing, volleyball, and field hockey at the same time, but Canoe Kayak was by far her favourite sport she tried.

She won two silver medals at the 2017 Junior Worlds (C1 500m and C1 200m) and also won gold(C1 1000m) and bronze(C1 5000m) at the 2017 Canada Games.  Sophia also won 3 gold medals at the 2017 Pan American Championships in Ibarra, Ecuador.

She hopes to qualify for the Junior World Championships in 2018 and is excited that women’s canoe has been added to the Olympic program!


Describe the sport in one word: Exhilarating 

Nickname: Sophia 

Quote: “it doesn’t matter how good your technique or how fast you are, all that matters is how badly you want to win”

Role model: Laurence-Vincent Lapointe 

Favourite training: Sprint work and cross coutry skiing 

Pre-race meal: Whatever the hotel has to offer 

Post-race meal: Ice cream 

Off-season interest(s): Art 

Other sport(s): Volleyball, and cross country skiing

Superhero: Thor 

Favourite word: Flabbergasted 

TV show: The office 

Movie: Star wars (all of them)

Book: Lord of the rings