Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) has a fundamental obligation and responsibility to protect the health and well-being of the organization, its members and its participants. CKC takes this responsibility and any situation involving misconduct very seriously. CKC and its Members are collectively committed to enacting and enforcing strong, clear, and consistent policies and processes for addressing misconduct.

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Safe Sport Webinars

CKC is offering webinars to provide clarification, answer questions and support in the adoption and implementation of our Safe Sport Policy.

Who: Club/Organization/PTSO Leadership
What: How to Adopt CKC’s Safe Sport Policy – this webinar was targeted to leadership of clubs, organizations and PTSO’s and provided an overview on adopting CKC’s Safe Sport Policy.
Date: Thursday, April 29th – 7pm EST
Safe Sport Activity Matrix
Presentation Slides – April 2021 EN 
Webinar recording

Who: Coaches
What: Safe Sport and Coaching Best Practice – this webinar will be targeted to coaches and will provide details on best practices regarding Safe Sport in a coaching environment.
Date: Thursday, May 6th – 7pm EST
Safe Sport Activity Matrix
Presentation Slides – May 2021 EN 
Webinar recording

Reporting a Complaint

CKC has appointed Independent Safe Sport Officers who any person within the CKC community, at any level, can contact to report or discuss incidents of abuse or harassment of any kind. These officers are available to communicate in English or French. Officers identifying as male or female are always available based on the preference of the complainant.

CKC has contracted W&W Dispute Resolution Services for this role. They may be reached directly and independently through the email address below. This is a confidential email address which will only be accessed by one of the independent Safe Sport Officers.

Reports should be made within fourteen days of an incident, however all incidents of concern occurring within the CKC community from any time frame should be brought to the independent third party for review and follow up.

Reporting Abuse or Harassment is often a difficult process. To this end, a person can expect the following when contacting the independent safe sport officer:

  • All reports will be kept entirely confidential, in line with the wishes of the person making the complaint. This includes confidentiality from CKC staff.
  • Complaint will be followed up on in a timely manner.
  • The independent Safe Sport Officers are available to support persons making a complaint through the process and will provide advice and guidance on steps as and if a complaint proceeds.
  • Your complaint will be taken seriously, and rigorously examined.
  • Complaint will be managed in the language, and by an officer of the gender identity of your choice.

Should any complaint or concern come to the attention of the CEO or any CKC representative, it will be forwarded to one of our Safe Sport Officers.

Safe Sport Hotline

An independent helpline has been set up with the support of Sport Canada and the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.

Anyone with a concern, who is not comfortable reaching out to one of the CKC appointed independent Safe Sport Officers, should feel comfortable reaching out to this free and confidential service.

Information on their services and how to contact them can be found at;

The abuse free sport phone and texting line is accessible at 1-888-83-SPORT, and is monitored from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern time.

Training and Screening

Training and screening are essential elements of ensuring our CKC community is safe and free of harassment and abuse for all participants.

The CKC Safe Sport policy contains recommended and required training and screening for different roles based on the risk level associated with the role and authority of community members. All Members or individuals associated with CKC in positions  of trust or authority will be required to submit screening documents and/or complete training.


Training requirements include the completion of CAC Safe Sport Training and/or Respect in Sport – Activity Leaders Training for level 2 and 3 risk levels, and the recommended completion of this training for level 1 risk levels. All Coaches are also required to be Making Ethical Decisions certified.

All athletes on CKC teams, staff, volunteers working on a project on behalf of CKC (running a competition), committee or board members who are covered by a CKC Terms of Reference, National Level Officials and Integrated Sport Science Team members working with CKC teams will be required to complete Safe Sport Training before April 1st.


To help Member organizations effectively screen their staff, coaches, board members and volunteers, CKC is offering the use of the secure, confidential platform Organizations can have their members submit the required screening documents and answer Screening questions based on their Level of Risk (including Police record checks, reference letters, confirmation of safe sport training etc.) using Submissions will be independently verified by a dedicated third party appointed by CKC, and individuals will receive confirmation that they have been screened and approved, or whether more documentation is required.

Once an individual receives confirmation that they have been approved, they can forward this confirmation to the appropriate person at their organization for tracking purposes. Each organization is responsible for ensuring members of their organization whose position is one of trust or authority are Screened and Trained depending on their risk Level.

To access the Screening Form on, please click here.

The policy’s Screening Requirements Matrix as part of the Screening Policy outlines Risk Levels and Associated Recommended and Required Training and Screening.

For further information on the Training & Screening processes, please consult the full Safe Sport Policy Manual.

Member Adoption

To facilitate the adoption of CKC’s Safe Sport Policies, CKC has created a Safe Sport Member Declaration (EN/FN) which can be adopted by member organizations at the Board level and signed off on by the appropriate representative. Once completed, the declaration should be sent to CKC (

CKC is also recommending that members develop a webpage dedicated to Safe Sport for information and links to the CKC Safe Sport hub page.

The steps for adoption are laid out in the graphic below:

Safe Sport Resources:

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If you have any further questions regarding the Policy itself, or any of CKC’s safe sport initiatives or programs, please contact Kenna Robins, Senior Manager National Program Development at