Canoe Kayak Canada has a fundamental obligation and responsibility to protect the health and well-being of the organization, its members and its participants. CKC takes any situation involving misconduct very seriously. CKC and its Members (defined as Divisions, Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations, Discipline-Specific Provincial/Territorial Organizations, and Clubs) are collectively committed to enacting and enforcing strong, clear, and consistent policies and processes for addressing misconduct.


CKC Policies

CKC Code of Conduct Policy

CKC Discrimination and Harassment Policy



CKC has appointed independent Safe Sport officers who any person can contact to report or discuss incidents of abuse or harassment of any kind.

CKC has contracted W&W Dispute Resolution Services for this role. They may be reached directly and independently through the email address

Should any complaint or concern come to the attention of the CEO or any CKC representative, it will be forwarded to one of our safe sport officers.


Safe Sport Hotline

An independent Helpline has been set up with the support of Sport Canada and the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.

Anyone with a concern should feel comfortable reaching out to this free and confidential service as well. Information on their services and how to contact them can be found at; The abuse free sport phone and texting line is accesble at 1-888-83-SPORT, and is monitored from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern time.


Canoe Kayak Canada has partnered with the Respect Group to deliver their Activity Leaders Training as CKC recommended  Safe Sport training for Coaches, Officials, and administrators.

The CKC Respect in Sport Portal through which leaders can take the recommended online training can be accessed here: Respect in Sport – Activity Leaders Training Portal. 

CKC will be supporting its national team athletes, staff, volunteers, national officials and other key community members in taking this training and recommends that all key leaders in our community do the same.