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Optimizing Sleep – Sylvain Gaudet – May 6, 2020: Recording / Presentation

Analyzing the Canoe Stroke – Andreas Dittmer – May 13, 2020: Recording

Pacing Strategies – Josh Goreham – May 20, 2020: Recording / Presentation

Transition from Development Athlete to the National Team – Mathieu Pelletier – May 27, 2020: Recording / Presentation

Increasing Training Outcomes and Competitive Readiness: Nutrition Considerations – Erik Sesbreno – June 10, 2020: Recording / Presentation




Sprint Technique


Sport Science

Rotator Cuff Injury Prevention

Core Strength Conditioning



Creating the Learning Environment in Practice

How an Athlete Learns a Skill

Providing Appropriate Feedback

Technical Development in the Winter Months

The Transition Period – What R&R is required

The YTP – Mapping the Year to Peak Performance

Creating the Learning Environment in Practice



Developing the Athlete – Melanie Wallwork (Gymnastics)

Athlete Development Model – Csaba Szanto

Are your kids ready for the block?

CanoeKayak Development in Africa – Mahmoudi

Coaching Education & Development Report 2010

Critical Factors in Skill Expertise – Dr. Joe Baker

Florida Coach Workshop 2012

Improving Microcycle Planning

Improving Self-awareness – Dr. Brad Young

Monitoring and Making Change in the Program – Leo Thornley

Nutrition for the Developing Athlete – Lucy Wainwright

Solving the Club Coach Problem


Working with LGBT Athletes and Coaches