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Optimizing Sleep – Sylvain Gaudet – May 6, 2020: Recording / Presentation

Analyzing the Canoe Stroke – Andreas Dittmer – May 13, 2020: Recording

Pacing Strategies – Josh Goreham – May 20, 2020: Recording / Presentation

Transition from Development Athlete to the National Team – Mathieu Pelletier – May 27, 2020: Recording / Presentation

Increasing Training Outcomes and Competitive Readiness: Nutrition Considerations – Erik Sesbreno – June 10, 2020: Recording / Presentation




Sprint Technique


Sport Science

Rotator Cuff Injury Prevention

Core Strength Conditioning

Diversity and Inclusion

Working with LGBT Athletes and Coaches


Creating the Learning Environment in Practice

How an Athlete Learns a Skill

Providing Appropriate Feedback

Technical Development in the Winter Months

The Transition Period – What R&R is required

The YTP – Mapping the Year to Peak Performance

Creating the Learning Environment in Practice



Developing the Athlete – Melanie Wallwork (Gymnastics)

Athlete Development Model – Csaba Szanto

Are your kids ready for the block?

CanoeKayak Development in Africa – Mahmoudi

Coaching Education & Development Report 2010

Critical Factors in Skill Expertise – Dr. Joe Baker

Florida Coach Workshop 2012

Improving Microcycle Planning

Improving Self-awareness – Dr. Brad Young

Monitoring and Making Change in the Program – Leo Thornley

Nutrition for the Developing Athlete – Lucy Wainwright

Solving the Club Coach Problem