Paddling is for all Canadians, whether they paddle for the leaf or for the sport.

We must continue our legacy – to ensure that paddling is available to everyone across our land so that they can experience our country in a way like no other.

Paddling connects us to our history. But we’re at risk of not being able to pass down its rich tradition.

There is a crisis in sport funding in Canada. One of the major barriers in access to, promotion of, and programming in paddling is a lack of funding. But thanks to the generosity of Canadians, we are able to continue supporting paddling at all levels and disciplines within the sport.

You can help us build paddling in Canada by making a tax-deductible charitable gift.

For the sport.

For the leaf.


Are you a member club in good standing and have a project you would like to raise money for? Great news, maybe CKC can help! 

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