This stream is for those who aspire to become a competitive club, provincial/territorial or national team coach in slalom, freestyle, wildwater or canoe polo. In this stream, coaches have the potential to work with elite athletes aspiring to reach the highest levels of competition.

Introduction to Competition


Whitewater Canoe Kayak Coach

This course is the first step to becoming a competitive whitewater coach and introduces the basic elements of all four whitewater disciplines. Learn the fundamentals of slalom gate setup, basic rules of canoe polo, lines of wildwater and surfing techniques for freestyle. You’ll understand how to teach basic paddling skills on flatwater and progress them to whitewater. Basic safety skills and methods for improving technique are covered in this course. Format: This course is in development. Format to be determined. Prerequisites: None.


Development Coach

At this stage, coaches specialize in one particular form of whitewater paddling. Through specific competition development courses, coaches learn to effectively teach the strategy behind the sport. In the case of slalom this includes techniques for analyzing and navigating down the course in the fastest time. In canoe polo, coaches will learn to teach teamwork skills and specific plays. Development Coaches are qualified to coach at the club and provincial levels. Format: This course is in development. Format to be determined. Prerequisites: Introduction to Competition is recommended.


Slalom Competition Development Coach

Course description needed


High Performance Coach

High Performance Coaches focus on training athletes to achieve excellence at the highest levels of competition. This level of certification is for National Team Coaches who may coach at competitions including World Championships or the Olympic Games. Certification programs for High Performance Coaching are sport and coach specific and may include a mentoring program with an internationally-renowned coach or pursuing an Advanced Coaching Diploma.


Advanced Coaching Diploma

The Diploma consists of four core themes; Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness. Each theme requires coaches to complete a series of modules comprised of several 3 hour units of in-classroom sessions, seminars, workshops or labs. Coaches enrolled in the Diploma program will work with a designated master and/or mentor coach who will support them in their completion of program requirements. The diploma is completed through Canadian Sport Institutes and all assignments are integrated with Canoe Kayak Canada.

Accelerated Coaching Education (ACE)

This program will include an individually tailored curriculum in which the coach will work with mentors to develop specific objectives for advancing their education through an individual learning plan. An example of part of that learning plan could include travelling to World Championships or Olympic Games to perform race analysis, working with coach mentors and to observing coaching at the most elite level. There is a strong emphasis on individual learning from leading coaches and academics in this program.