Team Red

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Mission and Vision

VisionTeam Red – Canoe Kayak Athletes in Canada are fundamentally on the same team. 

Mission: To drive system-wide development and improved performance by providing easy to use, clear and user orient tools which provide the critical: 

Input of Training, Testing, and Competition guidance for each age group to Coaches and Athletes, and tools to collect and analyze the Output of Training, Testing and Competition Data. 

Note: These documents and tools are still in development with translation and final adjustments still being made. They are also all Sprint focused documents, with other disciplines equivalents in production. 

Remarque: Ces documents et outils sont encore en cours d’élaboration, la traduction et les derniers ajustements étant toujours en cours. Ce sont également tous des documents axés sur Sprint, avec d’autres disciplines équivalentes en production.

Overview of Team Red – Bilingual 

Sprint March 2019 Team Red Testing

As a focused Team Red initiative for March 2019, we are encouraged our Club and PTSO Coaches to integrate the following specific testing into their programming:

On-Water:   U16    2 x 2km Average Time

                     U18    3 x 2km Average Time

                     Senior 4 x 2km Average Time

March 2019 2km Results Excel

Off-Water: U16/U18/Senior 2’ Bench Pull, 2’ Bench Press, 1’ Pull-Ups, 1500m Run.

March 2019 Dryland Results Excel

Team Red Documents


Sprint General
CKC Sprint Training Zones and Marker/Sample Work Outs  (PDF)
U9 to 21+ Sprint KM Guidelines (PDF)

U18 Sprint
U18 Sprint Yearly Training Plan (PDF)
U18 Sprint Yearly Training Plan (Excel)

U21 Sprint

U21 Sprint Training Plan Overview (PDF)

U21 Sprint Training Block Objectives (PDF)


Sprint General

Sprint Tests U14/U18/Sr (PDF)

U18 Sprint

U18 Sprint Recommended Testing Dates (PDF)

U18 Sprint Testing Protocols (PDF)

U18 Sprint Testing Protocols French (PDF)

U18 Sprint Testing Data Collection Coach Form (Excel)

U18 Sprint Gap Analysis Template (Excel)