2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships

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The following is an update for our sprint racing community regarding plans for hosting the CKC Sprint Nationals Championships and Selection Trials scheduled for August 23rd to 29th.

The event will be named the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships.

Decision Making Overview

The parameters around these events related to COVID-19 prevention measures and restrictions continue to be an evolving reality. The intention with this communication is to provide an overview of the current status and the COVID-19 review of these events.


The following stakeholders were engaged for expertise and feedback in the risk review process: Chief Medical Officer, CKC legal counsel, Volunteer Leadership and Athlete Reps, our partner Host Organizing Committee, government authorities and of course CKC staff.


Our Decision Timelines

Completed (June 8, 2021) – Meeting #1 with Covid Task Force and Athlete Reps for consultation

Completed (June 28, 2021) – Meeting #2 with Covid Task Force and Athlete Reps for consultation

June 30/July 1, 2021 – Decision on 2021 National Championships and next steps


Location decision

After completing our Risk Assessment of the event, CKC is moving forward with the plan for the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships to be held at the Rideau Canoe Club in Ottawa, Ontario.


An important note for our members: we have received positive feedback from appropriate authorities on our protocols, safety plan, and event but we have yet to receive formal approval of the event from Ottawa Public Health and therefore the city.


We would like to thank CKQ for their continued support through the process of securing Montreal as the backup location and all the processes and protocols there.  We would also like to thank the Atlantic Division for offering to host this regatta.


Due to Covid-19 and unique for 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships will not only crown national champions but will also be used as part of the AAP Selection process and to identify athletes for the following international competitions:

  • Junior & Under 23 World Championships (September 3-6, Portugal
  • Olympics Hopes Regatta (September 10-12, Czech Republic)
  • Sprint and Paracanoe Senior World Championships (September 16-19, Denmark)


The events that will be part of these Championships can be found in Appendix A.


Logistics Travel/Accommodation booking

We believe that the formal approval will come as the restrictions ease into July and therefore we recommend that any flights needing to be booked should be assured they are refundable or to wait until we have an official approval of the event.  Information around hotel booking will come out shortly from the Organizing Committee and the recommendation would be to ensure that any accommodation booked for the event would be fully refundable until we have official approval.


The Rideau Host Organizing has partnered with HTG to coordinate Hotel Books for the event. The following links can be used to book rooms in convenient hotels.


Below is the link that allows everyone to book one room and up to 10 at a time: Individual booking link


For larger clubs want to book more than 10 rooms we request they use this link which allows them to request as many as they need: Large block link

Based on Proximity to the race course and parking, we would advise using the airport hotels on Hunt Club/Gibford/Paul Anka Drive – The Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites and Holiday Inn Express.  There are restaurants in the parking lot, and a mall not far away.  The other strong recommendation is the Sandman Hotel on Hunt Club. Further details will follow from the Host Organizing Committee.


Schedule & Events

Events & Race card

The events to be raced at the 2021 Nationals are in Appendix A. The proposed race card is in Appendix B.


Qualification & Entries

Entries will be granted based on divisional qualification, followed by an allotted number of random entries allocated as per modified Nationals rulebook, followed by a small number of wild cards to be in reserve to be able to allocate based on a performance recommendation and extenuating circumstances (if necessary, details to be communicated in the coming weeks).  Please refer to Appendix C for the initial proposal.  The number of entries is also based on the proposal submitted and yet to be approved by Public Health.  In the case adjustments need to be made given the number allowed onsite we will update with the final qualification in the coming weeks.


Race Fees

Due to the increased costs around COVID safety protocols, the combination of the events and other circumstances to ensure this event proceeds to the highest possible standard, the race fees will be $100 per entered event, to a maximum of $400 per competitor.  This is a unique circumstance, and one we hope will be unique to this year with the COVID protocols.


Rules for the National Championships

Modified ICF rules during the competition will be applied to the races at the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak National Championships, even in those events that are solely run as a Nationals event to allow for consistency of application for officials, coaches and athletes across the full competition.  Advancement from heats to semi finals to finals will be according to modified ICF rules where those events are indicated.  Where there are no semifinals, standard or modified rules according to the rulebook will be applied and will be communicated in the coming weeks.


Further updates to the rules being applied for all aspects of the competition, or the modification of those rules, for the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak National Championships will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Coaches per cohort

With the limitations on number of participants on site in a zone, there may be cases where the number of coaches desired may not be able to be accommodated.  This will be communicated as to the allowed numbers per club onsite for each cohort.  This may also depend on the numbers of athletes qualified per club in that cohort.  At a minimum the designated club spokesperson should be onsite in some capacity if there are club athletes competing during that time.


Trophy return

ALL trophies that were awarded at the 2019 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak National Championships must be returned at the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak National Championships, even if the event will not be contested in this year.  It is mandatory that we receive all trophies by the time the 2021 event commences.  Please inform Kenna Robins (krobins@canoekayak.ca) if there is any servicing that needs to be done on any trophies in advance of the 2021 event.



While we are unable to host a CanMas event in conjunction with the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak National Championships in August, we will continue our efforts to see if another date may be possible in the fall.  More details will follow on an event and a final decision will be made around August 1st and information will follow to the community.



All athletes competing at the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak National Championships, as well as any other participants, parents &/or guardians will be required to sign an “Acknowledgement of Risk” waiver for participating in the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships.  Information will follow in a future communication.


Based on learnings from the Olympic and Paralympic Team Trials and ICF Protocols used for International regattas, CKC will be instituting robust COVID-19 protocols for this regatta. These protocols will be aligned with public health directives for the host community and will include:

  • A PCR negative test to be completed within 72 hours of arriving at competition site.
  • Daily attestations by all participants prior to their arrival on-site and for the complete duration of the competitions. Process of communication and how these forms will be completed and tracked to be finalized.
  • Specific isolation and testing protocols to handle any suspected cases, in conjunction with public health.

Updated communications and webinars will be provided once protocols and expectations are complete, and it will be mandatory that all participants and parents/guardians understand what is expected prior to the arrival of any participants.


CKC Intake Process & Training

All athletes entering in Trials events must complete a full CKC intake process, complete the ICF mandatory online anti-doping course, and if over the age of 15 to have completed the CAC Safe Sport training, athlete stream, to be eligible for team nomination for the Junior & Under 23 World Championships (September 3-6, Portugal), Olympics Hopes Regatta (September 10-12, Czech Republic) and Senior World Championships (September 16-19, Denmark). This process will include the following forms:


ParaCanoe Athletes

Any Paracanoe athletes with intent, if selected, to be a part of the World Championship team need complete the Intent to Compete form, along with completed classification forms to Marc Creamer at mcreamer@canoekayak.ca by July 17th.  Athletes that have a confirmed or review status, through ICF, only need to complete the Intent to Compete form.  Please consult the ICF Master Classification List as required.


International Team Selection

Selection Criteria

The approved updated selection criteria will be available on the CKC website.  A separate communication will be sent to the community once the selection criteria is posted.


International Competition Team Fee

CKC will be organizing travel logistics for the teams travelling to the Junior & Under 23 World Championships (September 3-6, Portugal), Olympics Hopes Regatta (September 10-12, Czech Republic) and Sprint and Paracanoe Senior World Championships (September 16-19, Denmark).


To help in covering these costs, athletes will be required to pay a prorated team fee based on the following priority order: Sprint and Paracanoe Senior World Championships, followed by Junior & U23 World Championships, followed by Olympic Hopes. CKC continues to fund the majority of international team competition costs, team fees will help to contribute in covering  travel logistic costs such as, flights, ground transport, accommodation, meals, participation fee, etc. The athlete may be responsible to cover additional COVID-19 related costs in addition to the team fee, such as Covid testing, quarantine, etc.


Please refer to the updated selection criteria for each team for the fees.


International Team Travel

CKC continues to monitor the international travel landscape, as well as the Government of Canada Official Global Travel Advisories.


Based on the current information available, additional travel requirements for team travel may include COVID-19 testing and quarantine on return to Canada. Athletes will be responsible for organizing pre-departure COVID-19 tests, as required pending travel requirements. CKC will help facilitate pre-travel COVID-19 testing where possible and will support with scheduling COVID-19 testing for return to Canada, as required. Athletes will be responsible to uphold any Government of Canada quarantine requirements for return from international travel. Additional considerations for team travel with minors are being reviewed in conjunction with the CKC Safe Sport Policy.


Note for the Junior & Under 23 World Championships (September 3-6, Portugal): Athletes will need to be prepared to depart to Portugal directly from the 2021 Sprint National Championships.


Applications for Coaches and Team Managers

CKC will be sending out an invitation for Coaches and Team Managers to submit applications to attend and support at the Junior & Under 23 World Championships (September 3-6, Portugal) and Olympics Hopes Regatta (September 10-12, Czech Republic). These professional development opportunities will be volunteer roles with possible honorarium support to the club for time away, as applicable. Travel costs and insurance to be covered by CKC. Information will be emailed directly to clubs, coaches and PTSOs.


CKC Safe Sport Policy

Please be reminded that any club coach, volunteer or official attending the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships fall under our CKC Safe Sport policy and therefore must be screened and trained according to your position.  If you have already completed this for your club, please make sure to send along your confirmation of screening and training to Laurel MacAdam at lmacadam@canoekayak.ca prior to August 1st.  Any questions on the process please email Kenna Robins at krobins@canoekayak.ca.


For any athletes, 15 years of age and older, hoping to be selected to a CKC team for one of the international competitions, it will be a requirement to have completed the CAC Safe Sport training, athlete stream.  It is recommended considering the tight turn-around for logistical purposes, that this training be completed prior to the National Championships.


Appendix A: Events being held at the 2021 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships

* for all selection information please refer to the corresponding Selection Criteria on the CKC website

Read here.

Appendix B: Proposed race schedule

*schedule may change and a final version will be published in the coming weeks.

Read here.

Appendix C: Draft Qualification Process

* the rules applicable to this qualification process, including random entries will be sent in a follow-up document with all competition rules that will be used at this event.

** the application of how a performance/extenuating circumstance would be used will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Read here.