2022-2023 Sprint and Paracanoe National Training Squad

Canoe Sprint
Posted By: CKC

Canoe Kayak Canada is proud to recognize the 2022-23 Sprint and Paracanoe National Training Squad.

The National Training Squad (“NT Squad”) is comprised of athletes who are Senior (18+) in the upcoming season who have been identified as being on the pathway towards Podium Performances at the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Being named to the NT Squad is not tied to AAP Funding Support (Carding) or being selected to a specific competition team. It is an identification as being part of the group of athletes which CKC’s High Performance program is choosing to invest in for the upcoming season through our National Team Centres and our World Class Coaching and Integrated Support Team.

“We are proud to work with such a strong group of athletes out of our two National Team Centers in Montreal and Halifax,” said CKC’s Chief Technical Officer, Ian Mortimer.  “With this squad of athletes and the strong support team around them, we are working in a positive direction not just towards Paris, but Los Angeles 2028 as well.”

Athletes who have also been nominated for support through Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program are identified in the list below by an asterisk. Please further note that because the NT Squad is restricted to 18+ athletes, some AAP nominated athletes have been included below in separate sub-headings.

A detailed overview of the NT Squad is available here.

Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program policies and procedures are available here.

CKC’s Sprint and Para Canoe 2022-23 Selection Criteria are available here:



Brianna Hennessy*
Erica Scarff*

Mathieu St-Pierre*
Gabriel Ferron-Bouius*
Stefan Samoila
Yves Borque*
Benjamin Brown

Women’s Canoe

Katie Vincent*
Sophia Jensen*
Julia Lilley Osende*
Sloan MacKenzie*
Jacy Grant*
Ella Hodgson-Pageau
Evie MacDonald
Amelia Wojtyk
Mila Souilliere*
Anna Roy-Cyr
Konwanakeren Diabo
Ava Carew
Jessica MacKay
Marlee MacIntosh

U18 Athletes Women’s Canoe

Zoe Wojtyk*
Élizabeth Desrosier-McArthur*

Men’s Canoe

Connor Fitzpatrick*
Alix Plomteux*
Tyler Laidlaw*
Craig Spence*
Bret Himmelman*
Andrew Billard*
Ydris Hunter*
Matt O’Neill*
Peter Bradley*
Viktor Hardy*
Zach Kralik*
Foster Salpeter

Women’s Kayak

Michelle Russell*
Andréanne Langois*
Tosha Besharah-Hrebacka*
Maren Bradley*
Riley Melanson*
Natalie Davison*
Maddy Schmidt*
Courtney Stott*
Sarah Nagy
Lissa Bissonnette*
Grace Webby
Alanna Bray-Lougheed
Anna Negulic

U18 Athletes Women’s Kayak

Alina Tverie* 

Men’s Kayak

Nick Matveev*
Pierre-Luc Poulin*
Simon MacTavish*
Laurent Lavigne*
Brian Malfesi
Ian Gaudet
Alex Canning
Cameron Low*
Craig Johnson
Vincent Jourdenais
Jack Hall
Mitchell Barran
Alex Scott

U18 Athletes men’s Kayak

Jéremy Lantz*