Bohm posts Canada’s top result at Canoe Marathon World Championships

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OKLAHOLMA CITY, USA – Tamlyn Bohm of Toronto was once again Canada’s top finisher at the ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships which wrapped up in Oklaholma City, USA on Sunday. Bohm had an eighth place result in Senior Women’s K1. She also paired with Courtney Stott, of Mississauga, ON to finish thirteenth in Senior K2.

Caroline Cook of Toronto finished thirteenth in the Under 23 Women’s K1. Nigel Rockett and Keir Johnston, both of Toronto, finished fourteenth in the Senior Men’s K2. Jan Malherbe of Duncan, BC was nineteenth in Senior Men’s K1 while Winnipeg’s Dave Anderson was twenty-first in the same race. Frank Desrosiers of Ottawa came in twenty fourth in the U23 Men’s K1. Marathon race distances ranged from eighteen to thirty kilometres and involved several portages.

Marian Nemic wins Master’s World Cup gold in over 70 class

The Master’s World Cup took place at the same venue last Wednesday and Thursday, Marian Nemic of Richmond Hill, ON won a gold medal in the Master Men’s K1 in the over 70 class. Silver medals were won by Darryl Bohm (Toronto) and Jan Malherbe (Duncan, BC) in Men’s K1 classes while Vladimir Pankratov won silver in Men’s C1. In Women’s K1 classes, Toronto’s Aurora Bohm took silver and Edit Fried of Pointe-Claire, QC followed with the bronze. Ann Currell took the bronze in the Master Women’s K1. Canadian Masters also won several medals in K2 and C2 events in which competitors are permitted to pair with a competitor from another country.

Summary of Results – World Championships

Athlete Event Result
Tamlyn Bohm (Toronto, ON) Senior Women’s K1 8th (2:10:39.77 – 26.25 km)
Tamlyn Bohm (Toronto, ON) &Courtney Stott (Mississauga, ON) Senior Women’s K2 13th (2:06:38 – 26.25 km)
Caroline Cook (Toronto, ON) U23 Women’s K1 13th (2:09:21 – 22.5 km)
Nigel Rockett (Toronto, ON) &Keir Johnston (Toronto, ON) Senior Men’s K2 14th (2:19:27 – 30 km)
Jan Malherbe Senior Men’s K1 19th (2:22:16 – 30 km)
Dave Anderson (Winnipeg, MB) Senior Men’s K1 21st (2:33:39 – 30 km)
Frank Desrosiers (Ottawa, ON) U23 Men’s K1 24th (2:29:27 – 26.25 km)
Chris Helyer (Toronto, ON) & Doug Ellery Senior Men’s C2 DNF

Summary of Results – Master’s World Cup

Athlete Event Result
Marian Nemic (Richmond Hill, ON) Master Men’s K1 (70+) 1st (1:50:50 – 18.75 km)Gold medal
Chris Helyar (Toronto, ON) Master Men’s C2 (50-54) 1st (1:56:58 – 18.75 km)Gold medal
Darryl Bohm (Toronto, ON) Master Men’s K1 (55-59) 2nd (1:37:01 – 18.75 km)Silver medal
Vladimir Pankratov Master Men’s C1 (50-54) 2nd (1:58:04 – 18.75 km)Silver medal
Jan Malherbe (Duncan, BC) Master Men’s K1 (45-49) 2nd (1:47:21 – 18.75 km)Silver medal
Aurora Bohm (Toronto, ON) Master Women’s  K1 (45-49) 2nd (1:43:55 – 18.75 km)Silver medal
Edit Fried (Pointe-Claire, QC) Master Women’s  K1 (45-49) 3rd (1:46:51 – 18.75 km)Bronze medal
Ann Currell Master Women’s K1 (55-59) 3rd (2:08:34 – 18.75 km)Bronze medal
Jocelyn Vézina Master Men’s K1 (50-54) 8th (1:56:19 – 18.75 km)
Andrei Zoubakine Master Men’s K1 (45-49) 10th (2:04:22 – 18.75 km)
Peter Patasi (Smith Falls, ON) Master Men’s K1 (65-69) DNF
K2 and C2 races
Peter Patasi (Smith Falls, ON) &Svenning Jørgensen (Denmark) Master Men’s K2 (65-69) 1st (1:33:21 – 18.75 km)Gold medal
Edit Fried (Pointe-Claire, QC) & Larisa Antonova (Russia) Master Women’s K2 (45-49) 1st (1:34:55 – 18.75 km)Gold medal
Chris Helyer (Toronto, ON) & Vladimir Pankratov Master Men’s C2 (50-54) 1st (1:30:18 – 18.75 km)Gold medal
Jan Malherbe (Duncan, BC) & Gustrav Smook (South Africa) Master Men’s K2 (45-49) 1st (1:40:48 – 18.75 km)Gold medal
Darryl Bohm (Toronto, ON) & Mark Lawson (Australia) Master Men’s K2 (55-59) 2nd (1:30:0 – 18.75 km)Silver medal
Shaun Koos (Canada) & Hermelindo Soto (Mexico) Master Men’s K2 (60-64) 2nd (1:33:16 – 18.75 km)Silver medal
Aurora Bohm (Toronto, ON) & Ann Currell Master Women’s K2 (45-49) 2nd (1:37:40– 18.75 km)Silver medal
Borisse Prochounine & Marian Nemec Master Men’s K2 (55-59) 3rd (1:38:36 – 18.75 km)Bronze medal
Andrei Berliaev & Andrei Zoubakine Master Men’s K2 (45-49) 6th (2:03:10 – 18.75 km)Gold medal

Full Results

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