Canadian Sprint paddlers rack up nine medals at the 2023 Pan American Games

Canoe Sprint
Posted By: CKC

Canada’s top sprint paddlers captured nine remarkable medals at the Pan American Games in Concepcion, Chile from November 1-4.

On the first day of finals, Team Canada went five for five, winning triple gold in the women’s K1 500m (Michelle Russell), the men’s K2 500m, (Ian Gaudet and Simon McTavish), and the C2 500m with Alix Plomteax and Craig Spence.  Silver was won in the K4 500m event (Courtney Stott, Natalie Davison, Riley Melanson, and Toshka Besharah). Sophia Jensen rounded out a day of success with a bronze in the C1 200m.

Carrying over some momentum from the first day of finals, Connor Fitzpatrick kicked off another medal-winning streak, earned his first Pan American bronze medal in the C1 1000m. K2 500m paddlers Maddy Schmidt and Courtney Stott collected a second bronze medal of the day.

The men’s K4 crew of Nick Matveev, Pierre Luc Poulin, Simon McTavish and Laurent Lavigne, also won the silver behind Argentina.

World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist Katie Vincent raced the C2 500m on the final day with Sloan Mackenzie and delivered a nail-biting finish, scooping the gold medal away from the Chileans.

“It’s really exciting, it’s both of our first Pan Am Games so I think it’s really special especially leading into Paris next summer with the rest of our team,” shared Vincent.  “I think this is a really nice confidence boost and will just help motivate us for the next 9 months ahead!”

Tying up the event, Vincent was given the incredible honour to represent all of Team Canada as co-flag bearer alongside Breaking athlete Phil Wizard.

This event wraps up a hugely successful 2023 season for the Canoe Sprint team as they look ahead to a busy and exciting year ahead of Paris 2024.



Women’s Canoe
Sophia Jensen (Chelsea, Que.)
Sloan MacKenzie (Windsor Junction, N.S.)
Katie Vincent (Mississauga, Ont.)

Women’s Kayak
Toshka Besharah (Ottawa, Ont.)
Natalie Davison (Manotick, Ont.)
Riley Melanson (Dartmouth, N.S.)
Michelle Russell (Fall River, N.S.)
Maddy Schmidt (Ottawa, Ont.)
Courtney Stott (Pickering, Ont.)

Men’s Canoe
Connor Fitzpatrick (Dartmouth, N.S.)
Alix Plomteux (Lac-Beauport, Que.)
Craig Spence (Dartmouth, N.S.)

Men’s Kayak
Ian Gaudet (Dartmouth, N.S.)
Laurent Lavigne (Trois-Rivières, Que.)
Cameron Low (Toronto, Ont.)
Nick Matveev (North York, Ont.)
Simon McTavish (Oakville Ont.)
Pierre-Luc Poulin (Lac-Beauport, Que.)