Canoe Kayak Canada Names 2018 World Cup Sprint and Paracanoe Teams  

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GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA, USA (April 23, 2018) – Canoe Kayak Canada is proud to name 25 athletes to represent Canada at the 2018 ICF Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Cups. Canadian athletes were selected this weekend at the first set of the National Sprint Team Trials and Vincent-Lapointe and Vincent already secured a spot for the Senior World Championships team.

“We saw several impressive performances over the weekend here on Lake Lanier, and we look forward to taking this team of athletes to Europe to line up against some of the best athletes in the world,” announced Graham Barton, Chief Technical Officer at Canoe Kayak Canada. “It’s the beginning of a new season and we have a great group of young and talented athletes as we get closer to Tokyo 2020.”

In addition to the World Cups’ teams nominations, Laurence Vincent-Lapointe (Trois-Rivières, QC) and Katie Vincent (Mississauga, ON) secured their spot on the Senior team that will be representing Canada at the 2018 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Montemor O Velho, Portugal, August 23 to 26, 2018.

The International Canoe Federation’s Sprint and Paracanoe World Cups will be held in Szeged, Hungary and Duisburg, Germany over two consecutive weekends starting May 18.


Team Announcement


Men’s Canoe

Athlete Hometown Club Coach(es)
Connor Fitzpatrick Dartmouth, NS Senobe Andreas Dittmer, Rob Baert
Craig Spence Dartmouth, NS Cheema Andreas Dittmer, Lazslo (Csom) Latorovski, Mike Kerrivan
Drew Hodges Ottawa, ON Rideau Andreas Dittmer, Ben Tardioli
Mark James Dartmouth, NS Senobe Andreas Dittmer, Rob Baert
Roland Varga Aurora, ON Richmond Hill Andreas Dittmer, Helen Savin


Women’s Canoe

Athlete Hometown Club Coach(es)
Anna Roy-Cyr Lac Beauport, QC Lac Beauport Jan Kruk, Luc Grenier
Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent Trois-Rivières, QC Trois-Rivières Jan Kruk, Mathieu Pelletier
Hannah MacIntosh Dartmouth, NS Senobe Jan Kruk, Rob Baert
Katie Vincent Mississauga, ON Mississauga Jan Kruk, Kyle Jeffery
Laurence Vincent-Lapointe Trois-Rivières, QC Trois-Rivières Jan Kruk, Mathieu Pelletier
Nadya Crossman-Serb Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg Jan Kruk
Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh Ottawa, ON Rideau Jan Kruk


Men’s Kayak

Athlete Hometown Club Coach(es)
Alexander Scott Bedford, NS Maskwa Frédéric Jobin
Jarret Kenke Saskatoon, SK Saskatoon Frédéric Jobin
Mark De Jonge Halifax, NS Maskwa Frédéric Jobin
Marshall Hughes Waverly, NS Cheema Frédéric Jobin, Mike Kerrivan
Nicholas Matveev Toronto, OM Balmy Beach Frédéric Jobin
Pierre-Luc Poulin Lac Beauport, QC Lac Beauport Frédéric Jobin
Ryan Cochrane Windsor, NS Lac Beauport Frédéric Jobin


Women’s Kayak

Athlete Hometown Club Coach(es)
Andréanne Langlois Québec, QC Trois-Rivières Chad Brooks, Mathieu Pelletier
Lissa Bissonnette Sherbrooke, QC Pointe-Claire Chad Brooks, Erik Mihalovic
Madeleine Schmidt Ottawa, ON Rideau Chad Brooks
Michelle Russell Fall River, NS Cheema Chad Brooks, Mike Kerrivan


Men’s Paracanoe

Athlete Hometown Club Coach(es)
Mathieu St. Pierre Shawinigan, QC Shawinigan Marc Creamer, Hélène Gervais
Trinity Tratch Calgary, AB Calgary Marc Creamer, Edgar Garza


Get the Sprint National Team #1 results online on the Canoe Kayak Canada Website, and watch the Finals on the YouTube Channel.

To get more information about the ICF World Cups, visit the International Canoe Federations event’s calendar online.



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