Canoe Kayak Canada Recognizes Coaches at the 2017 Annual Summit

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Canoe Kayak Canada 2017 Awards Presentations

OTTAWA (November 22, 2017) – This past weekend, Canoe Kayak Canada honoured a number of coaches from different disciplines during the 2017 Annual Summit in Ottawa, ON. We are proud to name the coaches who won the performance, development, dedication, leadership and recognition awards of the 2017 edition.

CKC Development Award
The CKC Development Award is presented annually to a coach that has demonstrated their abilities at developing a club or the sport through creating a new program such as aboriginal paddling or PaddleALL, successfully increasing club memberships in a new or specific program, shown improvements in performance at a provincial or national level or demonstrates concerns for the all –round development of the athlete.

Scott Brunskill Regina Marathon Canoe Club


Coach Developer Award
The Coach Developer Award is presented to a coach who goes above and beyond their regular coaching duties, for the development and advancement of Canoe Kayak, while demonstrating a positive image of coaching, is a member of national or provincial committee, is involved in coach education training and outreach programs for other clubs.

Mathieu Pelletier Club de canoë-kayak de Trois-Rivières


Fair Play Award
The Fair Play Award is presented to recognize an act of fair play by an athlete or team during the year, up to and including the Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships.

Jeff Houser ADCKC


Petro Canada Sport Leadership Awards
These awards are to recognize coaches whose athletes have excelled at world championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games. These recipients are some of Canada’s most outstanding national team coaches who have dedicated their time and efforts to ensuring that athletes reach their potential on an international stage.

Name Province Athlete
Mathieu Pelletier Québec Laurence Vincent-Lapointe
Jan Kruk Nova Scotia Katie Vincent


Coach Recognition Awards 
These awards are presented to coaches who have coached an athlete or crew to a gold medal at the Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships or coached an athlete who has been nominated to a national team (Senior World Championships, Junior World Championships, Carded Athlete, or National Development Team)

Name Club Event
Sebastien Bettez Trois Rivières Sprint
Alina Carranco Rideau Sprint
Nathan Desmarais Sherbrooke Sprint
Erin Donovan Cheema Sprint
Eric Ellery Balmy Beach Sprint
Leah Hewitt Cheema Sprint
Rob Baert Senobe Sprint
Tamas Buday Jr Pointe Claire Sprint
Tamas Buday Sr Mississauga Sprint
Chris Chaisson MicMac Sprint
Alina Carranco Rideau Sprint
Andres Carranco Rideau Sprint
Diana Deek Rideau Sprint
Mary Ellery Balmy Beach Sprint
Edgar Garza Calgary Sprint
Hunter George Burloak Sprint
Luc Grenier Lac Beauport Sprint
Andrzej Gronomicz Saskatoon Sprint
Cheyanne Farquharson Rideau Sprint
Wade Farquharson Rideau Sprint
Joel Hazzan Ottawa River Sprint
Anna Hetzler Cheema Sprint
Jeff Houser ADCKC Sprint
Conrad Hutter Rideau Sprint
Kyle Jeffrey Mississauga Sprint
Frédéric Jobin Canada Sprint
Toshko Kalpakov Banook Sprint
Mike Kerrivan Cheema Sprint
Csom Latorovzki ADCKC Sprint
Chris MacPherson Sack-a-wa Sprint
Peter Martinek Balmy Beach Sprint
Adam Mayo Cascade Sprint
Kevin McIntyre Balmy Beach Sprint
Éric Mihalovic Pointe Claire Sprint
Adam Oldershaw Burloak Sprint
Scott Oldershaw Burloak Sprint
Mathieu Pelletier Trois-Rivières Sprint
Jonathan Pike Maskwa Sprint
Mike Robinson Wascana Sprint
Rob Sargant Burloak Sprint
Helen Savin Richmond Hill Sprint
Pat Lester Carleton Place Sprint
Jerome Seremak Manitoba Sprint
Doug Tutty Mississauga Sprint
Greg Redman British Columbia Ocean Race
Gergely Lanci Sudbury Canoe Club Canoe Polo
Jason Allen Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers Cano Polo
Brad Cameron National Women’s Polo Team Canoe Polo
Stephen Gale National Women’s Polo Team Canoe Polo
Florence Maheu Kayak Valleyfield Slalom
Marc-Antoine Dubois Kayak Valleyfield Slalom
Brendan Curson CanoeKayak Saskatchewan Slalom
Mike Holroyd Alberta Slalom CanoeKayak Slalom
Louis-Philippe Legare Valleyfield Centre d’Excellence Slalom
Michal Staniszewski Canada Slalom
Anthony Colin Whitewater Ontario Slalom
Dave Lewis Nova Scotia Marathon
Chris Near Ontario Marathon
Mike Vincent Saskatchewan Marathon
Chris Nicholson British Columbia Marathon