CanoeKayak Canada Slalom Carding Submission

Posted By: Canoe Kayak Canada

Sport Canada Review of Nominations

October 5, 2015

Version published: October 5th, 12:30 pm EST


CanoeKayak Canada (CKC) is pleased to put forth its annual carding nominations for Sport Canada consideration. We have assessed all eligible athletes’ results against the 2015-2016 AAP Selection Criteria. All nominated athletes have established their eligibility through performances that demonstrate the potential to reach or maintain performances at the International Criteria (IC) standard (top 8, top ½ of competing countries). The Canoe Slalom program is eligible for a maximum of 4 SR cards or the equivalent of $72,000 in AAP funding.

Below you will find our nominations and the rationale for those nominations.

List of Eligible Athletes Nominated


Athlete Rank Card Type Amount Criteria
Ben Hayward 1 SR $18,000 Tier 2-2
Cameron Smedley 2 SR $18,000 Tier 2-4
Michael Tayler 3 SR $18,000 Tier 2-6
Jessica Groeneveld 3 SR $18,000 Tier 2-6


Pursuant ‎to CanoeKayak Canada’s appeal policy, all appeals must be received within 10 days of receipt of notice of CKC’s decision to nominate an athlete for Carding. All nomination appeals must be received by CanoeKayak Canada in accordance with the aforementioned appeal policy.