The Canoe Kids program teaches children fundamental canoe & kayak skills and encourages a lifelong interest in paddling, to enhance their quality of life and health.

The Canoe Kids program is designed to:

  • Be fun!
  • Help children develop water safety awareness and skills.
  • Help children develop confidence on the water.
  • Provide children an opportunity to paddle and socialize with their friends in a team environment.
  • Build overall motor skills.

Why should your club offer the Canoe Kids program?

Cost-Effective Canoe Kids webpage gives you:

  • Supplementary Canoe Kids materials
  • Lesson plans
  • Coaching material updates


  • Canoe Kids is designed to be in line with CS4L Long Term Athlete Development principles
  • Effective integration of games and skill learning
  • All program materials are already developed – activity books, certificates, ribbons, handouts, posters
  • Consistency in athlete knowledge as they move up age categories
  • Rainy day activities
  • Swag

Effective Communication


  • Canoe Kids Checklist – efficient and easy way to monitor and track athlete development over several years
  • Activity Book – consistency in message from all coaches


  • Activity Book – Effective and easy way to monitor learning
  • Activity Book and KM Chart – Concrete evidence of progress
  • Certificate and Ribbons – Record of achievement


  • Activity Book and Certificates – Effective and easy way to monitor learning

Download Canoe Kids Resources

Canoe Kids Merchandise