The Club Development Award, the Coach Developer Award and Coach Recognition Awards are presented on an annual basis to coaches and club leaders who have made significant achievements in their communities. Nominations for the awards take place at the end of the competitive season and the awards are presented at Canoe Kayak Canada’s annual Summit.

Club Development Award

The Club Development Award is presented annually to a coach, club leader or volunteer who has clearly demonstrated his or her abilities at developing a club or the sport through grassroots programs such as creating a new club or program or promoting the sport through the club. This could be evidenced or demonstrated through the following:

  • Development of a new program within their club (PaddleAll, Indigenous Program, or paddling programming targeting visible minorities, etc.)
  • Significant increase in club membership through the introduction of a new program, recruitment / talent ID or promotion of the sport
  • Improvement in club performance at Provincial or National level competitions (eg – higher ranking of finish, athletes on a National or Provincial team, etc);
  • Increase in participation at club training camp or competitions (eg – more athletes
  • Demonstrate concern for the all–round development of the athlete – (sport, social, and educational needs, and develop, through sport, life skills such as confidence, self–discipline, and respect)

Coach Developer Award

The Coach Developer Award is presented annually to a coach who contributes to the training of new Canoe Kayak coaches outside of, or in addition to their regular coaching duties. This could be evidenced or demonstrated through the following:

  • A positive image of coaching, role of the coach and ambassador of the NCCP Code of Ethics and CKC Code of Conduct
  • Is a member of a national or provincial committee
  • Is involved in coach education through facilitating coach training workshops or mentorship
  • Involved in outreach programs with other clubs, regions or countries
  • Achievement of athlete/team performance;
  • Demonstrate commitment to coaching education

Coach Recognition Award

The Coach Recognition Awards are presented to coaches who achieve the following: 

i) coach an athlete or crew who win a gold medal at the Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships

ii) coach an athlete who is nominated to a national team (Senior World Championships, Junior World Championships, Carded Athlete, or National Development Team

No nomination is required for the Coach Recognition Award.