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Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) is proud to announce the launch of our new Safe Sport Policy Manual, which is now in effect.

The Policy Manual reflects the outcome of an extensive consultation process with our community members, sport disciplines (Sprint, Whitewater, Marathon) and Athlete Council members with supporting policies for the entire CKC paddling community. It also incorporates the critical aspects of the new Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS).

“We are both pleased and proud of the leading role Canoe Kayak Canada has taken to ensure the safest possible environment for its athletes and participants,” said CKC Athlete Board Member, Genevieve Orton. “The policies and procedures coming into effect set a necessary high standard of behavior and conduct, and are equipped to follow up with an efficient and qualified response. If athletes – or any individual – feel they need to come forward, they should be comfortable that they can do so in a safe and secure environment with processes that protect their rights”.

By adopting the new CKC Safe Sport Policy Manual, Canoe Kayak Canada has sought to further augment the manner in which it ensures that the health and well-being of its member and participants is protected. The policies are intended to promote a Safe Sport environment by setting a standard of expected behaviour and conduct, while allowing for consistent, immediate, appropriate and meaningful action should any issues arise.

“This is a significant step forward for our organization and we are very proud to be a leading National Sport Federation on Safe Sport initiatives in Canada,” said CKC CEO Casey Wade. “We look forward to working with our member organizations to ensure the entire paddling community feels safe and supported in their respective sporting environments.”

Key Elements of the CKC Safe Sport Manual are:

  1. An Independent Case Manager
  2. Integration of the Coaching Association of Canada’s Rule of Two, specific to paddling
  3. Screening Policy
  4. Independent awareness and education program.

Member Organizations will be supported in the adoption of this Policy Manual for their own organizations, and will be able to do so through a declaration provided by CKC.

For more information on the CKC Safe Sport Policies or the implementation plan, please contact Ian Mortimer at


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