As per the SRD Rules of Structure, there are 2 types of Member club registrations:

Types of Membership & Fees 

To determine if you are a voting member or an associate member please see the member handbook.

  1. Voting Member Club 

a. $100 CKC Fee + $ SRD Voting Member Club Fee (outlined in the table below)

Years of Membership SRD Voting Member Annual Fee
First Year $250
2nd Year $250
3rd Year $350
4th Year + $400


2. Associate Member Club 

a. $100 CKC Fee + $10 SRD Associate Member Club Fee

Sprint Racing Discipline Competitive Fees

Age Group (Sprint Competitive) 2023 CKC fee per participant
U10, U12 $6.50​
U14 $13.00​
U16, U18, Jr/Sr, Master, Paracanoe $39.00​
PaddleAll $6.50​