Canoe Polo

Go Paddling

Find a canoe polo team or club near you and let the fun begin. Some polo clubs are independent while others are affiliates of sprint, whitewater or multidisciplinary paddling clubs.

The initial boat skills needed for polo are taught in a pool or on a lake. The new paddler learns the basic skills of wet exits, rolls, paddle strokes, edging and controlling the boat. From there the paddler will learn hand rolls, the rules of canoe polo, specific plays and tactics. With time they will develop enhanced team work skills and learn to play a specific position, plan an attack or defend their end.

Competitive canoe polo players train as part of a team with the guidance of a coach and compete in regular games – often as part of a league. They may even try out for the National Team and endeavor to represent Canada Internationally at World Championships or the World Games.

Canoe polo is an ideal sport for anyone looking to have as part of a recreational or competitive team. The game is ideally suited for year-round paddling with its ability to be played in a pool and outdoors.