Go Paddling

Many sprint and multidisciplinary paddling clubs offer dragonboat programming. For some clubs dragonboating is part of their core programming and dragonboat paddlers are full members. Other clubs may offer programs on a more casual basis including once a week drop in sessions. Dragonboat is a very accessible sport and you don’t need any paddling or athletic experience to try it out.

You’ll learn to paddle with a crew and the basics of technique. You’ll also practice a few drills and get a great workout. More competitive crews train together on a regular basis and supplement their programs with dry-land training.

To compete for the Canadian team at the ICF Dragonboat World Championships, athletes must complete specified fitness testing over the winter and submit their results along with video of them paddling.

Dragonboat is a fun team sport and in addition to meeting new people, you’ll also improve your fitness and health. To start dragonboating simply find a club near you.