Go Paddling

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do in the summer or are an aspiring World Champion, CanoeKayak Canada’s member clubs offer a variety of programs for all skill levels and age groups.

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How to get started

Never paddled before? If you live in Canada, it’s about time to make your way to a nearby club and get involved in a uniquely Canadian sport. The fun you’ll have splashing around and learning new skills will surely inspire you to continue fulfilling your fitness goals while making new friends and enjoying the outdoors. It might even inspire you to pursue the sport on a competitive basis.

Kids programs

CanoeKayak Canada’s CanoeKids program get kids active and on the water. Learn the fundamental skills of paddling and safe boating skills while enjoying the summer at your local paddling club. It’s the first step to a lifelong interest in paddling and healthy living. What better way to spend summer vacation?

Be the best in the World

CanoeKayak has strong roots in Canada and it is fitting that we’ve experienced such phenomenal success on the World stage. If you’re interested in high performance sport, we’ve got the coaching, programming and infrastructure across the country to enable athletes to excel to the highest level. Since 1936, Canada has won 24 Olympic medals in sprint. If it’s your dream is to increase that number, then we’ve got programs for you. Training groups bust it out early before school and after. Join a group of motivated teammates in pursuit of making the transition from Junior to National Team athlete to the World podium.

Be part of a team

CanoeKayak offers a unique blend of individual and team sport. Out on the water in a single boat you can enjoy a refreshing sense of mental solitude. While training in crew boats or in a group alongside your fellow training partners, you have the chance to push one another in an inspiring and cohesive environment. The war canoe is the apex of team events in which fifteen paddlers join together.

A sport for families

It’s not just part of our tagline, it’s a reality of our sport and we’re really proud of it. Just count the number of siblings on National Teams or the generations of families that have grown up at the canoe club. The many families who make the Canadian Sprint CanoeKayak Championships their summer vacation will tell you there is no better family photo than one with a few medals.

You’re never too old to paddle

The many adults who make the annual trek to the Canadian Master’s Championships and enjoy paddling – some of them into their 70s and 80s – are testament to this statement. Enrolling your kids in CanoeKayak doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines watching. Masters groups paddle at clubs across the country several morning or evenings a week. It’s a great way to say in shape while being social. And if you want sometime to relax on the sidelines before or after practice, the lakefront isn’t a bad place to do that either.

A sport for all

Anyone who has experienced the joy of paddling would surely agree that it is something to be made accessible to everyone. CanoeKayak Canada has been a leader on the global stage in creating opportunities for people with disabilities. Paracanoe programs offer persons with disabilities the opportunity to pursue sport to the highest level. Paracanoe will make its debut on the 2016 Paralympic program. Athletes compete in different categories based on the ability they have in their legs, trunk and arms. The fact you don’t need to be able to run or walk makes this an ideal sport for people with limited use of their lower body. Many clubs also specialize in PaddleALL programs for persons with intellectual disabilities. These programs allow persons with disabilities to enjoy paddling, learn new skills, have influential role models and gain self-confidence in the true spirit of the sport.

Long-Term Athlete Development

CanoeKayak Canada has a Long-Term Athlete Development Model that follows Canadian Sport for Life’s framework. Appropriate phases of development are defined for specific age groups based on science and research. By aligning programming with CS4L’s strategy to improve the quality of sport in Canada, CanoeKayak Canada is increasing participation in sport and creating a pathway for athletes to reach their fullest potential.