Dragon Boat

There’s nothing like being part of a team on the water. Dragon boat is a fun and accessible way to get into paddling. The boat is big and stable allowing people of all levels to try paddling. Whether you’re a once-a-week recreational paddler or training to meet ambitious goals as part of a regular crew, the comradery and challenge of the sport will keep you coming back for more.

Paddlers sit side-by-side on a bar-like seat and brace their feet in the bottom of the boat. A drummer helps to keep the crew in stroke by providing an energetic rhythm. The boat has Asian roots which can be seen by the lucky dragon head and tail prominently displayed on each boat. A cox steers the boat with a long oar at the back.

The comradery and challenge will keep you coming back for more.


A standard full sized dragon boat seats 20 people while there are several variations including the 10-seater. Paddlers use a single-bladed canoe paddle that is shorter and has a smaller blade than those used in sprint racing.



Dragonbaot follows many of the same competition rules as sprint. Boats are separated by lanes and charge down the course for distances of 200, 500 and 1000 metres. There are also 2000 metre time-pursuits and longer distance races in which teams compete on a circular course.


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