Ottawa Valley paddlers shine bright in preliminary rounds at Canoe Freestyle World Championships

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BEACHBURG, ONTARIO – Canadian athletes are making the most of a home course advantage on the Garburator wave situated on the Lorne Rapids near Beachburg, Ontario. The Garburator wave is a wild 6-8 ft standing wave that attracts elite freestyle paddlers from around the world. 2009 World Champion, Nick Troutman of Beachburg sits comfortably in 2nd place in the men’s kayak event after the preliminary rounds. Fellow team mates, Devyn Scott of Pakenham, Kalob Grady of Westmeath, and Joel Kowalski of Beachburg have locked-up 5th through 7th position. The reigning World Champion, Dane Jackson of the USA lived up to expectations and stunning rides to take first in the men’s preliminary heats. The men’s kayak quarter final will continue September 4th at 8:00 EST.

Beachburg paddler, Katie Kowalskie put down solid rides and secured her position in the women’s semifinal in 7th position. USA paddlers Adriene Levknecht and Emily Jackson placed 1st and 2nd respectively. The women’s kayak semifinals will take place September 4th starting at 15:00 EST.

Canada’s junior paddlers stepped up to the challenge lead by Kalem and Quinton Kennedy of Pembroke in 3rd and 4th position respectively in the men’s kayak category. The Kennedy brothers will move on to the junior men’s kayak semifinals September 4th starting at 12:30 EST. Emily Zwanenburg of Cornwall, Ontario also advanced to the junior kayak semifinals in 7th place.

Andrew Hill of Cobden will advance directly to the Open Canoe Finals to take place on September 5th starting at 8:00 EST.

Youngster Zach Zwanenburg of Cornwall turned heads with a inspiring 2nd place result in the C1 preliminary round followed by Chris McDermott of Beachburg in 8th and Vincent Dupont of Verdun in 9th. The C1 semifinals will kick off September 4th at 14:00 EST.

The 2015 Freestyle World Championships action concludes on Saturday September 5th on the Ottawa River. Boasting some of the best whitewater in the world, Wilderness Tours has used this location to host events for forty years and hosted the ICF Freestyle World Championships once before in 2007.

Summary of Results

Athlete Event Result
Lars Romeskie (Beachburg, ON) Men’s Kayak Squirt 8th Final Result
Matt Hamilton (Forresters Falls, ON) Men’s Kayak Squirt 9th Final Result
Mark Richard (Dartmouth, NS) Men’s Kayak Squirt 11th Final Result
Nick Troutman, (Beachburg, ON) Men’s Kayak 2nd in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Devyn Scott (Pakenham, ON) Men’s Kayak 5th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Kalob Grady (Westmeath, ON) Men’s Kayak 6th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Joel Kowalski (Beachburg, ON) Men’s Kayak 7th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Patrick Camblin (Arnprior, ON) Men’s Kayak 15th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Katie Kowalski (Beachburg, ON) Women’s Kayak 7th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Alex Maggs (Fergus, ON) Women’s Kayak 18th Final Result
Rae Boratto (Beachburg, ON) Women’s Kayak 23rd Final Result
Kalem Kennedy (Pembroke, ON) Junior Men’s Kayak 3rd in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Quinton Kennedy (Pembroke, ON) Junior Men’s Kayak 4th in preliminary heats(advanced to next round)
Andrew Oxley (Montreal, QC) Junior Men’s Kayak 15th Final Result
Emily Zwanenburg (Cornwall, ON) Junior Women’s Kayak 7th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Claire Parrot (Waterloo, ON) Junior Women’s Kayak 12th Final Result
Andrew Hill (Cobden, ON) Open Canoe 4th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Matt Cuccaro (Renfrew, ON) Open Canoe 8th Final Result
Zach Zwanenburg (Cornwall, ON) Single Canoe 2nd in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Chris McDermott (Beachburg, ON) Single Canoe 8th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)
Vincent Dupont (Verdun, QC) Single Canoe 9th in preliminary heats (advanced to next round)


Full Results

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