September 2-4, 2021


Sea Forest Waterway, Tokyo Japan

Para Canoe Events

  • KL1 200m (Men/Women)
  • KL2 200m (Men/Women)
  • KL3 200m (Men/Women)
  • VL2 200m (Men/Women)
  • VL3 200m (Men)


Kayak Quotas:

Women’s KL2 200m – berth secured by Andrea Nelson


Paracanoe made its Paralympic debut in 2016 Rio Games, with Christine Gauthier and Erica Scarff representing the maple leaf. Canada has yet to secure a medal for paracanoe.


There are two main boats in paracanoe: kayak and va’a, an outrigger. There are three classifications:

  • KL1/VL1 – for athletes with limited-no trunk function and no leg function. Force is predominantly applied with arms and shoulders.
  • KL2/VL2 – for athletes with partial trunk and leg function and good arm strength. Athletes may use backrests but should be able to sit upright within the kayak.
  • KL3/VL3 – for athletes with trunk function and partial leg function. Athletes are able to use a footboard or their seat to help propel their boats.