July 25-30, 2021


Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre

In canoe slalom, competitors navigate a canoe or a kayak on a white-water course, passing through a combination of upstream and downstream gates on river rapids in the fastest time possible. The course is about 250m long and contains a maximum of 25 gates, with six or eight upstream gates. The course is designed so that competitors will complete it in between 85-100 seconds.

Slalom Events

  • Kayak (K-1) (Men/Women)
  • Canoe (C-1) (Men/Women)


Canoe Slalom Quota:

Men’s C1 – Cam Smedley selected

Women’s C1 – Haley Daniels selected

Kayak Slalom Quotas:

Women’s K1 – Florence Maheu selected

Men’s K1 – Michael Tayler selected


Canada has never won a medal in the Whitewater events. The best Olympic performance was a fourth-place finish in the Athens 2004 Men’s K-1 competition by David Ford.


Slalom made its Olympic debut as an introduction sport at the 1972 Games in Munich. It was a further 20 years before canoe slalom returned to the Olympic Games. But by this time it had become a core sport.