Sprint Code of Safety Update

Posted By: Canoe Kayak Canada

OTTAWA, ON (June 25, 2021) – Canoe Kayak Canada is pleased to launch our updated (2021) Sprint Code of Safety. This Code of Safety revision has been in development over many months and contains updates based on feedback received from various community members and CKC Committees. The updated Sprint Code of Safety is effective immediately.

In the fall of 2020, CKC requested feedback from the paddling community regarding the previous version of the Sprint Code of Safety which was approved by the Sprint Racing Council in 2019. We would like to extend our thanks to all those who reviewed the document and provided your feedback.

The major updates to the Sprint Code of Safety are outlined below.

Read the full Sprint Code of Safety here.

Major Updates:

  1. Definitions section. Where the words that have been defined in this section throughout the document they will be Capitalized and Italicized.
  2. Decision making process:
    1. During training, coaches will make safety-related decisions and enforce rules, during competitions, the Chief Official, with input from the Regatta Safety Officer and Competition Committee will make safety-related decisions and enforce rules
  3. Section 3.1
    1. (g) Recommendations on Safety Motorboats during competitions.
  4. Section 3.2.1
    1. (a) updated section to allow for a waiver to be signed and submitted by our Paracanoe athletes prior to each event instead having to demonstrate their strapping release onsite.
  5. Section 3.2.2: Environmental section (Winds & Rough Water Conditions, Extreme Heat and Humidity, Air Quality
  6. Section 4.1:
    1. Updated 4.1 (k) to include the use of the radio
    2. Added a link to considerations for “near water safety”
  7. Section 4.2.2:
    1. (g): added language around Minors
    2. (i): added language around including the use of the radio
  8. Section 4.2.4: Separated into Club & Regatta Safety officers