Alex Maggs

Birthdate: May 15, 1994
Hometown: Ottawa ON
Sport: Kayak Freestyle

Alex is the Canadian Senior Women’s Freestyle Champion and has been kayaking for 15 years. She started at the age of 5 with her family and the Guelph Kayak Club. She grew up paddling the Ottawa river every summer and the Elora gorge in between. Her first freestyle competition was in 2010 where she placed 2nd in the Junior Women’s category. In 2013 she was the first woman to run the Fish Hatchery Top Drop race at MACKfest. She has also done well in the Hell Or High Water races in Petawawa and placed 2nd in the creek boat division in 2014. This year she placed first in the Rouge River Challenge with partner Jessica Droujko.

Alex is a current member of 3 whitewater clubs in Ontario. She has been a member of the winning club at the King of Clubs competition on the Ottawa river 4 of 6 years. Three of those years with the Guelph Kayak Club and once with the Carleton University Kayak Club. She is also a member of the Coureurs de Bois. Alex is in her third year of studying Chemistry at the University of Ottawa and helping to start a Kayak Polo Club there.

Sponsors: Guelph Kayak Club