Cameron Low

Birthdate: March 19, 2001
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Canoe Club: Balmy Beach Canoe Club
Sport: Men’s kayak
Coach: Peter Martinek

Cameron got his first taste of paddling at the Balmy Beach Sports Camp at the tender age of 7, and started racing competitively in 2013. In his 2017 breakout season, he was the U16 national championship in K1 1000M, won two medals at the Junior PanAms including gold in the K4 1000M, and reached the A final in two events at Olympic Hopes. In 2018, he was the U17 K1 1000M national champion, and competed internationally at the Junior World Championships and Olympic Hopes, where he finished 8th in K1 1000M. Cameron is a student at Malvern Collegiate in the Beach(es) Toronto, and a lifelong supporter of the Montreal Canadiens and Saskatchewan Roughriders.


2017 U16 K1-1000 National Champion, 2018 U17 K1-1000 National Champion, 2018 U17 K1-1000 8th Olympic Hopes, 2017 PanAm Sprint Championships Jr K4 1000 gold & Jr K2 1000 bronze


Instagram: @cameronlow7


First year on the National Team:

Canoe or kayak? Why?
Kayak, because we are more efficient by paddling on both sides. And we get to sit down.
When was your first race?
WODs, 2013
What is your best memory of the sport?
Winning a donut medal

Pre-race meal: White bread
Post-race meal: Anything deep-fried
Off-season interest(s): Napping
TV show: Spongebob Squarepants
Book: The Game