David Ford
Birthdate: March 23rd, 1967
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Residence: Chilliwack, BC
Canoe Club: Chilliwack Center of Excellence
Sport: Men’s Kayak

A veteran of the team, David is the most decolarated athlete on the National Team. With one World Championships Title (1999), an overall World Cup Title (2003), 5x Olympian, and 16x National Champion, David has been responsible for putting Whitewater Kayaking on the Canadian radar.

Born in Edmonton, David now lives and trains in Chilliwack, BC with wife and alpine ski-racer Kelly Vanderbeek. Known for his attention to detail, David is motivated by the ability to test new limits and find new challenges. He once worked in a head injury clinic training severe head injury patients. This experience gave him perspective on the role that sports play in life and the fact that in the end it is only a game.