Haley Daniels
Birthdate: December 14th, 1990
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Canoe Club: Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak
Sport: Women’s canoe
Coach: Michael Holroyd
Instagram: @HaleyDanski
Twitter: @HaleyDanski

Website: www.haleydaniels.ca

Haley Daniels has been on the national team since 2009 and has been representing Canada on the international stage since then. She trains in Calgary, Alberta and her goal is to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo!


Nickname: Danski
Role model: Chandra Crawford
Favourite training: New Zealand
Pre-race meal: Salmon, rice, and roasted veggies
Post-race meal: MacroBar
Off-season interest(s): Yoga
Other sport(s): Hiking, Biking, Skiing
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate
Superhero: Mom and Dad
Favourite Word: Rad