Keenan Simpson

Birthdate: January 7th, 1999

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Canoe Club: Ottawa River Runners

Sport: Men’s kayak

Coach: Michal Staniszewski

Instagram: @keenan.simpson


Keenan started Kayak Slalom at the age of 15. His first race was in 2014 during a competition in Valleyfield, Québec.

Keenan is a member of the Ottawa River Runners and made the national team for the first time in 2016. He is training hard and hoping to medal at the 2020 Olympic games!


Nickname: Smokey 

Favourite training: Grand Prix loops or speed technique 

Pre-race meal: Loaf sandwich 

Off-season interest(s): Canoe camping and backpacking 

Other sport(s): Xc skiing, hockey, alpine touring, climbing 

TV show: Trailer park boys