Marc Richard

Birthdate: Nov 23rd, 1965
Hometown: Halifax, NS
Sport: Squirt


Marc has been paddling for fun and teaching kayaking in Nova Scotia for over twenty years. A member of the Canadian Freestyle Team since 2007 with 2 National titles and two top ten finishes at the World Championships. Currently the director of Kayak Instruction for Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia and running his own business called Kayak Nova Scotia.

Marc is motivated by the joy of being on and in the water, from quiet pools to giant ocean waves. He is growing stronger with each competition, pushing his limits and tempers the challenges of being the oldest member of the team with words of one of freestyle paddling’s greatest pioneers Jim Synder… “If you’re having fun, then you’re doing as well as anyone ever has.” Mark is excited to be part of such an amazing group of athletes and returning to the Ottawa River for 2015 World Championships at Wilderness Tours, where he first learned to paddle with Champions like Ken Whiting, Eric Jackson and Perry McGregor.