Sarah Kerestes

Since starting kayaking at a very young age, she has competed at her first World Championships at the age of 15 in 2012. Following that, she has competed at various Pan-Am, and other international tournaments, as well as Worlds in 2014. The Syracuse, Italy 2016 Worlds will be her third Worlds following in her parents’ footsteps as they were former members of the Canadian Canoe Polo team. As the youngest on her team she hopes to keep pushing her limits and succeeding as one of the best Canoe Polo players in Canada and some day the World. This Worlds she hopes to be a top 10 goal scorer as well as to secure a top 10 finish with her team.
She is also an avid skier, enjoys photography, and is a full-time student enrolled in BSc in Kinesiology at Grande Prairie Regional College.