Update to ckcmember.ca Digital platform – April 2021

Posted By: Canoe Kayak Canada

Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) is pleased to announce new updates to its digital platform, ckcmember.ca.  Through a continued partnership with web design and mobile application company immediaC, CKC has taken member feedback and learnings from year one of the registration platform and made updates to improve user experience and key functionalities.

Canoe Kayak Canada will be using ckcmember.ca for its National level registration and will continue to integrate this platform into the CKC mobile application, which will be used in 2021 for Sprint Results and competition live streaming.

CKC has worked with immediaC to make the inputting of National level membership user friendly and adaptable for the unique needs of each Province or Territory. Additionally, the system has undergone improvements to remain flexible and accessible for our member organizations. CKC will continue to work with the leadership of its Councils and Provincial Territorial Sport Organization leads to set up membership for each jurisdiction. CKC is also offering the optional use of the system to all CKC member organizations for their own organizational registration, digital waivers, and membership tracking.

The specifics around Sprint Competitive Memberships and other National Memberships will be communicated in conjunction with your Flag Officer or Provincial leadership.

To view the updated ckcmember.ca information manual, please click here. To watch our how-to videos for getting started in the system, please click here.

For more information and to explore the updated system further, please visit ckcmember.ca. To set up an appointment with Canoe Kayak Canada, contact Scott Best (sbest@canoekayak.ca) or click here.