We paddle! Proposal

Posted By: Canoe Kayak Canada

Canoe Kayak Canada is in the working phases of developing a new coaching education module. The working title, “We Paddle,” emphasizes our goal of having this program target a broad paddling pathway. This communication is a call-out for available and interested contractors who would be able to help us develop this module fully. Contact information for those interested is available at the end of this proposal.


A basic introduction programming approach to become the core introductory course  to take new paddlers from zero assumed experience to basic water safety, knowledge of paddling, and basic on-water competency (primary audience are youth 7-13 year olds, but could be applicable for any age).


Launch a multi-disciplinary Coach Education and accompanying program which introduces new paddlers to the sport and is applicable to a range of paddle craft and types of water. Paddlers will leave this program with increased basic water literacy (beyond swimming competency), understand the core concepts of safe paddling, watercraft handling, and have the basic skills to paddle and enjoy time on the water.

Phase 1: Instructor Education

Concept is to modify the Canoe Kids Coach Education material into a new more generic model, and rebrand this NCCP Community Introduction Course as a generic education for all coaches.

Phase 2: Program Outline

The concept for this program is to take the Canoe Kids program material and reduce and simplify it to the basic introductory steps for paddle instruction for beginners. This will reflect the reality of what Canoe Kids program looks like in practice and create a programing and coach education framework which is applicable to all paddle sports.

The idea is that this is an introductory framework where the topics, skills and competencies are the same, but over time we build a range of specific activities as supporting material for a range of disciplines.

The program should be designed as a sequential introduction to paddling. Starting from basic knowledge and safety then progressively moving to paddling skills and competency on the water. These lessons would be a templated structure that can be delivered as a 5-day camp, a longer series of one- or two-hour lessons, or the basis of swimming pool introduction to paddling.

Deliverables (Phase 1)

  1. Discipline consultation and outreach
  2. Learning Facilitator guide
  3. Coach Reference material
  4. Coach Workbook
  5. Evaluation Guide
  6. Pilot coach training workshop

Timeline & budget (Phase 1)

  1. Estimated 100 hours of work (phase 1), rate to be negotiated.
  2. Work to be completed before September 2021 (phase 1).
  3. Phase 2 will be considered once phase 1 deliverables are complete and may be part of a separate tender.

Application for consideration (phase 1)

Please outline in your application your experience considering the following criteria:

  • Education experience,
  • NCCP program experience,
  • Experience facilitating NCCP content,
  • Familiarity with paddling club programs,
  • Familiarity with multi-discipline paddling programs.

Please send in your NCCP coach education resume, including references to the criteria above, to imortimer@canoekayak.ca. Application deadline is June 18th, 2021.