Canoe Kayak Canada launches Base-7 Fitness Challenge

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OTTAWA, ON (July 7, 2016) – On the seventh day of the seventh month, Canoe Kayak Canada has launched a new fitness challenge, consisting of seven tests, aimed at developing general fitness and physical literacy among eleven to fifteen year-old paddlers.

“Increasing physical literacy among paddlers in the Learn-to-Train and early Train-to-Train stages of the Long Term Athlete Development model has been identified as a priority for setting athletes up for success in later years,” explains Peter Niedre, Canoe Kayak Canada’s outgoing Director of Coach and Athlete Development. “Combining this with our technical template will help to build a strong foundation for our system.”

The challenge consists of seven tests that can be compared to a set of national standards. Coaches across the country will run the challenge twice a year with training groups at their clubs to measure for improvement.

The seven tests include:

  • Leger 20m Multistage Test / “Beep” Test
  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Plank Test
  • Lateral Bounds
  • Shuttle Run
  • Standing Long Jump

A coach’s manual with instructions for running the challenge and other resources are available on Canoe Kayak Canada’s website.

View Base-7 Webpage


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