Canoe Kayak Canada Registration System Ready for Implementation

Posted By: Canoe Kayak Canada

CKC has launched its CKC membership management system at This registration system will form the backbone of our communities’ digital infrastructure moving forward and presents an opportunity for our collective growth and improvement in delivering quality programming to our paddlers, coaches, officials, administrators, and volunteers.

As a starting point, our new registration system will replace the PadTrac registration system that has been used by the sprint discipline and some other key groups in our community for the past 15 years. Using extensive feedback from the member organizations, the system is being customized for the required functionality for our varied disciplines, and member organizational structures. We are also finalizing our fully bilingual functionality for the system, which will be in place by January 1.

Unlike in the previous system, individual registrants, be they paddlers, parents, officials, volunteers are able to directly register in the system. The basic concept is that all members of our CKC community will have a registration profile in the new system.

All CKC member Clubs and Provincial/Territorial Organizations will be required to register their organizations in the CKC member management system and will be able to pay fees and sign waivers through this system.

The new membership management system is open for all member organizations to use as their own membership management system with functionality for customized membership registration, online payment, event registration, and contact list management. One key benefit of using this new system will be the seamless registration in the national database, reducing the need for a duplicate registration process. Fee splitting functionality is also available through the new system, further reducing cumbersome administrative work for CKC members.

CKC recognizes many member organizations have digital registration systems with which they are comfortable and currently using. To support these members, the new CKC system has the functionality to import the required membership information from these systems to facilitate registration in the national database.

Looking ahead the CKC membership management system will be the foundation for continued innovation and expanded support for our member organizations, athletes, volunteers, coaches, and officials.


CKC Membership Management System Q & A


When can I access the new system?

Right now! The CKC membership management system is live at, and everyone is free to go make an account!


How do I access my CKC member club or Provincial/Territorial Organization in the new system?

 After you’ve created an account in the system, authorized representatives are able to request an administrator role for their member organization:

These requested will be put through a CKC credentialing process overseen by CKC staff to ensure authorized representatives are given the required access.

CKC staff will verify the identity and status of those looking to set themselves up in the role of a member administrator through our credentialing process, and grant this status and access to those that are authorized to hold these roles.


How do I use the system?

We understand new software can be overwhelming for new users. We want this to be easy for you! We’ve created an administrator manual for creating registrations, we’re also in the process of creating video tutorials to supplement this manual.


When can I begin registering users in this system?

immediaC received extensive feedback from coaches, commodores, and CKC staff at the 2019 summit, and we’re currently working on customizing our sports management core application. You can begin creating registrations, memberships, and fees right now, and users will be able to register for these by January 1st.


How much does it cost to use the system?

Our system is free to use. We’re working on integrating PTSO and National fees into Sprint memberships.


Who can I contact if I need help?

immediaC created a manual for administrators to help familiarize admins, but if you have a question that isn’t answered by this manual, immediaC also has a monitored help desk that is active from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, via email:


Thank you!

Finally, thank you for your insight and interest in using the new CKC membership management system. We’re excited to be making a system that fits the needs of every club, and we couldn’t do that without the support and feedback of CKC’s members.



Ian Mortimer

CKC Director of Development


Isaac Lohnes

immediaC Project Manager