CanoeKayak Canada names Sprint National Teams

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OTTAWA – CanoeKayak Canada is pleased to name its sprint National Teams for the 2014-2015 season. Selections are based on results of the 2014 competition season as set out in CKC’s selection criteria.

“These athletes have worked hard throughout the entire season to earn their positions and I to congratulate everyone selected as well as those who have supported their efforts to get there,” said Scott Logan, CanoeKayak Canada’s High Performance Director. “We have a strong National Team and a promising contingent on our Development Teams. Our senior athletes are focused on Olympic qualification in 2015 and our developing athletes know that with continued hard work, they can become our next generation of Olympians.”

Carded National Team

Up to 45 National Team athletes receive carding support through Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program. The full National Team roster is subject to change over the course of the year based on performance evaluations and specific team selections. Athletes may be named to race for Canada regardless of carding status.

National Development Teams

CanoeKayak Canada has named a Senior Development Team and a Junior Development Team. These athletes have been identified for development opportunities such as training camps.


National Team / Carded Athletes

Men’s Kayak 1000

Athlete Hometown Club Coach
Adam van Koeverden Oakville, ON Burloak Larry Cain / Scott Oldershaw
Brady Reardon Burlington, ON Burloak Scott Oldershaw / Dave Robertson
Andrew Jessop Halifax, NS Maskwa Scott Oldershaw / Chad Brooks / Dave Robertson
Rob Clarke Mississauga, ON Burloak Scott Oldershaw / Dave Robertson
Phil Duchesneau Montreal, QC Pointe-Claire Scott Oldershaw / Dave Robertson / Marc Creamer
Angus Mortimer Ottawa, ON Rideau Wade Farquharson
Marshall Hughes Waverley, NS Cheema Chad Brooks / Mike Kerrivan
Brian Malfesi Maple Ridge, BC Ridge Piotr Majewski
Jarret Kenke Saskatoon, SK Saskatoon Andrzej Gronowicz


Men’s Kayak 200

Athlete Hometown Club Coach
Mark de Jonge Halifax, NS Maskwa Frédéric Jobin 
Richard Dober Jr. Trois-Rivière, QC  Lac-Beauport Frédéric Jobin
Ryan Cochrane Windsor, NS Lac-Beauport Frédéric Jobin
Hugues Fournel Montreal, QC Lachine Frédéric Jobin
Étienne Morneau Quebec, QC Lac-Beauport Frédéric Jobin
Marc-Alexandre Gagnon Trois Rivières, QC  Trois Rivières Mathieu Pelletier / Chad Brooks
Alexander Scott Halifax, NS Maskwa Jon Pike / Chad Brooks 
Pierre-Luc Poulin Lac Beauport, QC  Lac Beauport Luc Grenier / Chad Brooks


Men’s Canoe 1000

Athlete Hometown Club Coach
Mark Oldershaw Burlington, ON Burloak Scott Oldershaw / Larry Cain
Benjamin Russell Dartmouth, NS Banook Lazlo (Csom) Latorovszki
Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny Trois-Rivières, QC Trois-Rivières Lazlo (Csom) Latorovszki
Paul Bryant Richmond Hill, ON Burloak Lazlo (Csom) Latorovszki
Roland Varga Richmond Hill, ON Richmond Hill Lazlo (Csom) Latorovszki
Marc Tarling Pointe-Claire, QC Pointe-Claire Csom Latorovszki / Marc Creamer
Craig Spence Waverley, NS Cheema Mike Kerrivan
Drew Hodges Ottawa, ON Rideau Mike Robinson


Men’s Canoe 200

Athlete Hometown Club Coach
Ben Tardioli Ottawa, ON Rideau Robert Stott / Mike Robinson
Jason McCoombs Dartmouth, NS Banook Robert Stott / Jan Kruk
Aaron Rublee Kamloops, BC Burloak Robert Stott
Pierre-Luc Laliberté Pointe-Claire, QC Pointe-Claire Robert Stott / Marc Creamer
Maxim Poulin Québec, QC Lac Beauport Rob Stott / Luc Grenier


Women’s Kayak 500

Athlete Hometown Club Coach
Émilie Fournel Montreal, QC Lachine Mark Granger / Franck Gomez
Hannah Vaughan Dartmouth, NS Banook Mark Granger / Jan Kruk
Geneviève Beauchesne-Sévigny Trois-Rivières, QC Pointe-Claire Mark Granger /  Marc Creamer
KC Fraser Oakville, ON Balmy Beach Mark Granger / Peter Martinek
Una Lounder Dartmouth, NS Senobe Mark Granger
Genevieve Orton Lake Echo, NS Orenda Mark Granger
Lissa Bissonnette Sherbrooke, QC Pointe-Claire Mark Granger / Marc Creamer
Sam Hall Dartmouth, NS Cheema Mike Kerrivan
Alexa Irvin Kentville, NS Maskwa Mark Granger / Kenna Robins / Chad Brooks


Women’s Kayak 200

Athlete Hometown Club Coach
Michelle Russell Waverely, NS Cheema Mark Granger/ Mike Kerrivan
Andreanne Langlois Québec, QC Trois-Rivières Mark Granger / Mathieu Pelletier



Athlete Hometown Club Coach
Christine Gauthier Pointe-Claire, QC Pointe-Claire Mark Granger / Marc Creamer
Dave Waters Fox Point, NS Maskwa Mark Granger / Jon Pike
Christian Maranda Québec City, QC Lac-Beauport Mark Granger / Luc Grenier
Erica Scarff Toronto, ON Balmy Beach Mari Ellery



Senior Development Program

Men’s Kayak

Athlete Club Coach
Adam Tenwolde Banook (Dartmouth, NS) Jan Kruk
Charles-Antoine Girouard Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Étienne Beauchesne Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Zane Clarke Banook (Dartmouth, NS) Jan Kruk
Maxence Beauchesne Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Victor Turcanu Ottawa River (ON) Joel Hazzan
Robert Laureijs Banook (Dartmouth, NS) Jan Kruk
Davis Evans Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Wade Farquharson
Mathieu Roy Pointe-Claire (QC) Marc Creamer
Hunter Morrissey Cheema (Waverley, NS) Mike Kerrivan
Conrad Hopp Balmy Beach (Toronto, ON) Peter Martinek
Nigel Rockett Balmy Beach (Toronto, ON) Peter Martinek
Liam O’Brien Banook (Dartmouth, NS) Jan Kruk
Colin Black Carleton Place (ON) Pat Lester
Jacob Sosna Carleton Place (ON) Pat Lester
Austin Denman Banook (Dartmouth, NS) Fred Jobin / Chad Brooks / Jeff Houser
Eric Fast Burnaby (BC) Blake Dalton
Zach Morgan Kamloops (BC) Stanislav Marek


Men’s Canoe

Athlete Club Coach
Thomas Hall Cheema (Waverley, NS) Mike Kerrivan
Sean Barich Mississauga (ON) Kyle Jeffery / Tamas Buday Sr
David Provost Lachine (QC) Samuel Raiche
Clement Bouchard Lac Beauport (QC) Luc Grenier
Stephen Frodsham Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Mike Robinson
Mark James Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert
Peter Lombardi Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert / Csom Latorovszki

Women’s Kayak

Athlete Club Coach
Ailish McNulty Mic Mac (Dartmouth, NS) Chris Chaisson
Sarah Vegas-Dubois Pointe-Claire (QC) Marc Creamer
Olivia Denman Banook (Dartmouth, NS) Jan Kruk
Ariane Cyr Lac Beauport (QC) Luc Grenier
Hayley Nelson Cheema (Waverley, NS) Mike Kerrivan
Jessica Leduc Trois Rivieres Mathieu Pelletier
Alanna Bray-Lougheed Burloak (Oakville, ON) Adam Oldershaw
Madeline Schmidt Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Mike Robinson
Maddison MacKenzie Cascades (Chelsea, QC) Frederic Loyer
Kate Braddon Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Mike Robinson
Hayley Plante Balmy Beach (Toronto, ON) Peter Martinek


Women’s Canoe

Athlete Club Coach
Taylor Potts Balmy Beach (Toronto, ON) Peter Martinek
Mariah Godin Cheema (Waverley, NS) Mike Kerrivan
Megan Sibthorpe Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Ian Mortimer
Katie Vincent Mississauga (ON) Kyle Jeffery
Laurence Vincent-Lapointe Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Sarah Jane Caumartin Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Hannah McIntosh Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert


Junior Development Program

Men’s Kayak

Athlete Club Coach
Alex Brent Ridge (Maple Ridge, BC) Piotr Majewski
James Lavallee Toba Jerome Seremak
Mark Marschalko Cheema (Waverley, NS) Mike Kerrivan
Jacob Steele Maskwa (Halifax, NS) Jon Pike
Albert Lavigne Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Ryan Spillett Mic Mac (Dartmouth, NS) Chris Chaisson
Victor Deslauniers Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Nick Matveev Balmy Beach (Toronto, ON) Peter Martinek
Duncan Sibthorpe Pointe-Claire (QC) Marc Creamer
Olivier Courchesne Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Scott Braddon Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Wade Farquharson


Men’s Canoe

Athlete Club Coach
Jack Leahy Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert
Ian McCormick Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert
Sam Pennyfather Burloak (Oakville, ON) Hunter George
Nick Brownlie Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Ian Mortimer
Sam Stevens Toba (Winnipeg, MB) Jerome Seremak
Mike Balcom Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert
Matthew Peachy Maskwa (Halifax, NS) Jon Pike
Brady Garcia Calgary (AB) Edgar Garza
Gavin Freebron-Jaegar Calgary (AB) Edgar Garza


Women’s Kayak

Athlete Club Coach
Jessica Hogg Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert
Kady Leard Cheema (Waverley, NS) Mike Kerrivan
Anna Negulic Maskwa (Halifax, NS) Jon Pike
August Sibthorpe Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Mike Robinson
Katie Jerrett Maskwa (Halifax, NS) Jon Pike
Caroline Lesage Pointe-Claire (QC) Marc Creamer
Naomi VanWalraven Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Mike Robinson
Hunter Dwyer Mic Mac (Dartmouth, NS) Chris Chaisson
Lexy Vincent Wascana (Regina, SK) Gabor Kulscar
Genevieve L’Abbee Ottawa River (ON) Joel Hazzan


Women’s Canoe

Athlete Club Coach
Juliette Brault Pointe-Claire (QC) Tamas Buday Jr
Jillian Perrone Burloak (Oakville, ON) Adam Oldershaw
Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent Trois Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Jessica MacDonald Mic Mac (Dartmouth, NS) Chris Chaisson
Zaffia LaPlante Mississauga (ON) Kyle Jeffery
Tess Peterman Cascades (Chelsea, QC) Frederic Loyer


CanoeKayak Canada is the national governing body for competitive paddling in Canada. The organization’s vision is to be a Canadian sport for families, communities and champions. From supporting clubs to developing a competitive National Team, CanoeKayak Canada works to grow a sport which is a rich part of Canada’s heritage.


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