de Jonge wins silver, Canada wraps up World Cup 3 with six medals

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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Olympic bronze medalist Mark de Jonge of Halifax, NS won a silver medal today in the Men’s K1 200 metre at the third and final ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup in Copenhagen. de Jonge was 0.088 off gold in a down-to-the-wire finish. The gold medal went to Sweden’s Petter Menning who is the 2013 World Champion. de Jonge is the reigning 2014 World Champion and the two will surely be in close contention the next time they race at the World Championships in August. Canada finished the third World Cup with a medal count of six including two medals in Olympic events.

The Canadian team had several other strong performances in 200 metre events. In the Men’s K2 200m, Marc-Alexandre Gagnon (Trois-Rivières, QC) and Ryan Cochrane (Windsor, NS)   finished fourth while Étienne Morneau (Québec, QC) and Hugues Fournel (Montréal, QC) came in fifth.

With a strong pool of athletes in the men’s kayak 200 metre, a crew composed of Mark de Jonge (Halifax, NS), Ryan Cochrane (Windsor, NS), Hugues Fournel (Montréal, QC) and Étienne Morneau (Québec, QC) took gold in the Men’s K4 200m for a second week in a row.

Jason McCoombs of Dartmouth, NS finished fourth in the Men’s C1 200m while Ben Tardioli of Ottawa, ON finished fifth with just 0.26 of a second between the two Canadian athletes.

Michelle Russell of Waverley, NS had a strong sixth place result in the Women’s K1 200m. Russell also placed tenth in the Women’s K1 5000m to prove her diversity as a paddler in a test of endurance.

The Women’s K4 crew of Geneviève Beauchesne-Sévigny (Trois-Rivières, QC), Émilie Fournel (Montréal, QC), Kathleen (KC) Fraser (Toronto, ON), and Hannah Vaughan (Dartmouth, NS) placed ninth in the 500m Olympic distance and will be bringing home a silver medal in today’s 200m event. (Correction from yesterday’s release: the crew did not race the K4 200 yesterday.)

Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny of Trois-Rivières, QC won a gold medal in the Men’s C1 5000m. Beauchesne-Sévigny and his C2 partner Ben Russell of Dartmouth, NS also won a bronze in the Men’s C2 200m. The crew had an impressive weekend and won silver in the Men’s C2 1000m Olympic distance yesterday.

Paul Bryant (Richmond Hill, ON) and Craig Spence (Dartmouth, NS) were sixth in the Men’s C2 200m. Bryant also finished seventh in the Men’s C1 5000m.

Mark Oldershaw finished his World Cup tour with a fourth place finish in the Men’s C1 500m. Oldershaw won gold in the 500m event at the first World Cup. He also won a gold and bronze in his signature event, the Men’s C1 1000m, in which he is an Olympic bronze medalist.

While last week’s World Cup in Duisburg was the most well attended of the three World Cups, a total of 31 countries are in Denmark with many of the top names competing. A full compilation of Canadian results is shown below.

This concludes the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup tour and the Canadian team will return home. The next event is Canadian National Team Trials in Montréal from June 19 to 21 where many of the outstanding entries for World Championships in August will be decided. Canada’s CanoeKayak team for the Pan American Games will be named next Sunday and canoe sprint events at the Games will take place July 11 to 14.

Summary of Results

Athlete Event Result
Mark de Jonge (Halifax, NS) Men’s K1 200m 2nd

Silver medal

Marc-Alexandre Gagnon (Trois-Rivières, QC), Ryan Cochrane (Windsor, NS) Men’s K2 200m 4th


Étienne Morneau (Québec, QC), Hugues Fournel (Montréal, QC) Men’s K2 200m 5th
Jason McCoombs (Dartmouth, NS) Men’s C1 200m 4th
Ben Tardioli (Ottawa, ON) Men’s C1 200m 5th
Michelle Russell (Waverley, NS) Women’s K1 200m 6th
Geneviève Beauchesne-Sévigny (Trois-Rivières, QC), Émilie Fournel (Montréal, QC), Kathleen (KC) Fraser (Toronto, ON), Hannah Vaughan (Dartmouth, NS) Women’s K4 500m 9th
Mark de Jonge (Halifax, NS), Ryan Cochrane (Windsor, NS), Hugues Fournel (Montréal, QC), Étienne Morneau (Québec, QC) Men’s K4 200m 1st

Gold medal

Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny (Trois-Rivières, QC) Men’s C1 5000m 1st

Gold medal

Geneviève Beauchesne-Sévigny (Trois-Rivières, QC), Émilie Fournel (Montréal, QC), Kathleen (KC) Fraser (Toronto, ON), Hannah Vaughan (Dartmouth, NS) Women’s K4 200m 2nd

Silver medal

Ben Russell (Dartmouth, NS), Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny (Trois-Rivières, QC) Men’s C2 200m 3rd

Bronze medal

Mark Oldershaw (Burlington, ON) Men’s C1 500m 4th
Paul Bryant (Richmond Hill, ON),

Craig Spence (Dartmouth, NS)

Men’s C2 200m 6th
Paul Bryant (Richmond Hill, ON) Men’s C1 5000m 7th
Michelle Russell (Waverley, NS) Women’s K1 5000m 10th
Genevieve Orton (Lake Echo, NS) Women’s K1 200m 11th
Rob Clarke (Toronto, ON) Men’s K1 500m 12th
Alex Scott (Bedford, NS) Men’s K1 200m 13th
Chris Mehak (Toronto, ON) Men’s K1 5000m 18th


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Photos by Balint Vekassy

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