Sprint Rule Change Information


Rule Change Process


The evolution and improvement of CKC Sprint is in part shaped by the review of the rules which govern the discipline every two years. Section VII of the Sprint Racing Discipline Rule Book outlines the procedure for changes to these rules and regulations.


To get a full understanding of this process, please consult this section (VII) of the rule book which can be found here: http://canoekayak.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2017-18-EN-Rulebook-Final-1.pdf


The Sprint Meeting of Members scheduled for Saturday December 1rd, 2018 in Ottawa will be the meeting at which motions to repeal, amendment or make additions to the Competition Rules will be considered.


To conform with the regulations governing this process, notice in writing from a Club or Division looking to put forward a rule change must be delivered to the Casey Wade CEO (c/o Ian Mortimer (imortimer@canoekayak.ca) – CKC, by September 1rd, 2018. This notice should include what section and rule is being addressed, the motion itself and the rationale for the change or addition.


Along with new proposed rule changes, a slate of rule changes was deferred in 2016 for further consideration.


These deferred rule changes are available here: http://canoekayak.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Defered-Rule-Change-Proposals-2016.pdf


To help with the discussion and decision making on these proposals the following discussion document has been created. Thank you to Pierre-Luc Laliberte and Peter Giles who were a great help is compiling the statistics reflected in this document.


Rule Proposal Discussion Document: http://canoekayak.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/CKC-Rule-Change-Discussion-Document-Ian-Version-1.1.pdf


It is the intention of the Coaches Technical Committee to use this document to have discussion and garner feedback on the deferred rule changes to inform their eventual recommendation to the DDC. The oppurtunities for this discussion will include Divisional AGM’s and other fall meetings.


To start this discussion the CTC will be hosting an informal coachas appreciation and discussion night on Wednesday, August 29 (Day 2) in the big tent at Nationals starting at 5:30 pm after the races. Refreshment will be offered, and a chance to discuss these proposals and other ideas with other coaches and the Coaches Technical Committee.


A review of all the proposed motions by the Sprint Coaches Technical Committee will be made following this period of consultation by committee members, and recommendations made on each proposal to the DDC. CKC will circulate all proposed rule changes and recommendations before November 1rd, 2018 to give all parties time to prepare for the Meeting of Members.


If you have any questions, please contact Ian Mortimer (imortimer@canoekayak.ca)