The Rideau Canoe Club wins the 2018 Canadian Canoe Kayak Sprint Championships

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SHERBROOKE, QUÉBEC (September 4, 2018) –The Canadian Canoe Kayak Championships ended on August 2 on Lac des Nations and the Rideau Canoe Club of Ottawa won the Canadian Champion overall title, winning a total of 892 points. The Trois-Rivières Canoe Club (Québec) took second place with a total of 763 points, followed by Balmy Beach (Ontario) with a total of 501 points.

“It’s always exciting to watch our Canadian clubs come together for almost a week of intense competition petition for the honour of being to be named the best in the country,” said Ian Mortimer, Director of Development at Canoe Kayak Canada and former member of the Rideau Club. “The level of competition was very high last week on Lac des Nations and the Sherbrooke organizing committee did an amazing job making these championships a great experience for everyone.”

In addition to winning the championship title, the Rideau Canoe Club took the lead in the Senior Men’s C-15 1000m event. Led by captain Reid Farquharson, they won gold, followed by the Burloak Canoe Club who had won the event 13 times in a row since the 2005 Championships in Montreal.

In a very close final, the Rideau Canoe Club crossed the finish line with a time of 3:51.6 seconds, with only two tenths of a second ahead of Burloak who finished second, followed by Trois-Rivières who finished in 3:54.1 seconds.

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Over the five consecutive days of competition, a total of 134 medals were presented to the 2018 National Champions.

Sunday, Master’s athletes between the age of 25 and 87 years old concluded this regatta on Lac des Nations in a festive atmosphere. The eldest was Louis (Lou) Lukanovich, member of the Viking Club in Québec, former national team coach and Olympic athlete in the games of Rome, Munich and Montreal.

Athletes, coaches, parents and visitors have an experience they consider excellent. The volunteers did a phenomenal job and despite the challenging delay during the competition due to the wind, storm and fog, no races were canceled or moved to the next day.

Nicolas Lemay, president of the organizing committee, salutes the work of the organizing committee. “The canoe club has had incredible support from people who didn’t know anything about the sport but were passionate about hosting the event in Sherbrooke. Our committee had a mixed of different visions and it resulted in an amazing event, we are proud of what we did.”

Visit the Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships website  to get more information, all results and to watch all the action again on YouTube.

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