Triple Women’s Canoe medals on the final day of Sprint World Cup Tour

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BELGRADE, SERBIA (June 4, 2017) — Women’s Canoe athlete have won three medals to finish the final day of the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 3 in Belgrade, Serbia. In total, Canada’s Women’s Canoe athletes have won nine medals over the course of two World Cups.

Laurence Vincent Lapointe (Trois-Rivières, QC) won a gold medal in the Women’s C1 200m to repeat a victory in the event from last weekend’s World Cup. Vincent Lapointe landed another medal later in the day with a silver in the Women’s C1 5000m.

Hannah MacIntosh (Dartmouth, NS) and Nadya Crossman-Serb (Winnipeg, MB) finished second in the Women’s C2 200m to earn a silver medal. Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh (Ottawa, ON) and Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent (Trois-Rivières, QC) finished fifth in the same race.

In the Women’s C2 500m, Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh and Hannah MacIntosh (Dartmouth, NS) finished fifth. Nadya Crossman-Serb (Winnipeg, MB) and Katie Vincent (Mississauga, ON) were sixth in the same race.

Mark Oldershaw (Burlington, ON) finished eighth in the Men’s C1 5000m. Alanna Bray-Lougheed (Oakville, ON) and Natalie Davison (Ottawa, ON) finished eighth in the Women’s K2 200m.

The Women’s K4 500m crew of Courtney Stott (Pickering, ON), Lissa Bissonnette (Sherbrooke, QC), Michelle Russell (Fall River, NS) and Andréanne Langlois (Québec, QC) finished ninth in the final.

The Canadian Sprint Team will return to Canada to continue preparations for World Championships in Racice, Czech Republic in late August. The Canoe Slalom World Cups are next up on the ICF calendar, starting in two weeks in Prague, Czech Republic.



Summary of Results

Athlete Event Result
Laurence Vincent Lapointe (Trois-Rivières, QC) Women’s C1 200m 1st overall

Gold medal

Laurence Vincent Lapointe (Trois-Rivières, QC) Women’s C1 5000m 2nd overall

Silver medal

Hannah MacIntosh (Dartmouth, NS)

Nadya Crossman-Serb (Winnipeg, MB)

Women’s C2 200m 2nd overall

Silver medal

Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh  (Ottawa, ON)

Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent (Trois-Rivières, QC)

Women’s C2 200m 5th overall
Hannah MacIntosh (Dartmouth, NS)

Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh  (Ottawa, ON)

Women’s C2 500m 5th overall
Nadya Crossman-Serb (Winnipeg, MB)

Katie Vincent (Mississauga, ON)

Women’s C2 500m 6th overall
Mark Oldershaw (Burlington, ON) Men’s C1 5000m 8th overall
Alanna Bray-Lougheed (Oakville, ON)

Natalie Davison  (Ottawa, ON)

Women’s K2 200m 8th overall
Courtney Stott (Pickering, ON)

Lissa Bissonnette (Sherbrooke, QC)

Michelle Russell (Fall River, NS)

Andréanne Langlois (Québec, QC)

Women’s K4 500m 9th ovreall
Michelle Russell (Fall River, NS)

Andréanne Langlois (Québec, QC)

Women’s K2 500m 10th overall
Alanna Bray-Lougheed (Oakville, ON)

Natalie Davison  (Ottawa, ON)

Women’s K2 500m 12th overall
Ryan Cochrane (Windsor, NS)

Pierre-Luc Poulin (Lac-Beauport, QC)

Marshall Hughes (Waverley, NS)

Maxence Beauchesne (Trois Rivières, QC)

Men’s K4 500m 12th overall
Lissa Bissonnette (Sherbrooke, QC) Women’s K1 200m 13th overall
Courtney Stott (Pickering, ON) Women’s K1 5000m 13th overall
Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent (Trois-Rivières, QC) Women’s C1 200m 14th overall
Mark Oldershaw (Burlington, ON)

Roland Varga (Richmond Hill, ON)

Men’s C2 500m 15th overall
Lissa Bissonnette (Sherbrooke, QC) Women’s K1 5000m 15th overall
Mark James (Dartmouth, NS)

Drew Hodges (Ottawa, ON)

Men’s C2 500m 16th overall
Craig Spence (Dartmouth, NS) Men’s C1 5000m 18th overall
Alex Scott (Bedford, NS) Men’s K1 200m 23rd overall
Jarret Kenke (Saskatoon, SK) Men’s K1 5000m 23rd overall


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